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Maybe this is not the best place to post this;  but I just couldn't help letting everyone know that after a little over a year with Gina K, I am just amazed at the way I always feel like customer No. 1 whenever I contact them.

I have dealt with many stores, on-line and off, and there is some great service out there.  However, I have to say, so far none can compete with this place!  They keep surprising me by going above and beyond; and if they're not careful, they will succeed in turning me into a hopelessly spoiled customer!

Anybody feel the same way?

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I sure do!! Gina has such high standards and personal integrity it just rubs off to all aspects of her business,  She surrounds herself with the BEST. 

I've had some great support from Gina's staff too!

Yes, absolutely! From my very first order in 2008, I knew this company was something special. I have never been less than impressed. I feel like I always get a fair deal without having to figure out some complicated rewards system that may or may not come to fruition. I get impeccable quality for a fair price every time I order. I also get a fun and generous extra freebie at least once a year by playing challenges and games. I get good quality design from a variety of talented illustrators, and a fab DT to show it all to me. I get beautifully produced videos that I can play any time, even years later.  GKD is truly a model company with customer service second to none.

Yes, I definitely am a big fan of Gina and here company! It has been wonderful since I found her company and stamptv. She offers so much wonderful information and great products. She is the BEST!

The Customer Support here is top-notch!

Awww! You guys just TOTALLY made my night! I will share this with our customer service gals tomorrow. Big hugs to you guys!


Go Gabi Go - you're telling it like it is!! Other companies need to be aware of this outstanding customer service here, take some lessons on it, go the extra mile. It sure breeds customer loyalty that's for SURE!!!

No surprise here GINA I make a call to place a order.and Katie makes me feel like family

she is never any in a  hurry tho i know you'r all on the  run filling out orders for the new kit..

    Thank you for the wonderful help and hard work .. HUGS

Exactly.... Katie and GinaK are my best friends.  Katie is always waiting for my calls (heehee)--so it seems everytime I call. If everyone showed the care these people do, the world would be a better place.  It's always a pleasure to contact GinaK.



The best part is that I know if I have an issue, it will be resolved in a caring and very fair way. And I know this BEFORE I contact them, so I'm not hesitant to do so. Thanks you guys, you make my world a happier place!!!

Yes!! Gina and her staff are by far...number 1 !!!!

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