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Hi everyone. HOpe you are all doing well.
I am writing because we are in desperate need of a storage solution.
Our home is 950 sq ft. For the past 3 weeks my stamping stuff had been in the dining room and spilling into the kitchen, on the floor onto the china cabinet...well you get the idea. Lets add in, I am not an "oraganized" worker. I pull colors out and try and match as I go.

Well, he finally said...WE NEED A SOLUTION. So I started research. I came across the workbox/craftbox.  I would LOVE feedback from anyone that has it.

Do you feel it is sturdy.
CAn those collapsible storage units actually hold reams of cardstock securely without buckling under the weight. Mind you, I am not putting in 500 sheets or anything, but within reason is it sturdy.

When you open it do you open it fully or make it into a U shape? Do you feel closed in if you don't open it fully. Can you actually still work comfortably at teh desk with it only partially open.

Who did you buy it from and were you satisfied with your transaction.

Ok, thank all. Can't wait to hear back.


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Paula, if you go to the Forum and enter "storage" in the search box you will come up with a number of discussions. Don't know if you'd find anything that would answer your questions, but it would be a good place to start!

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