Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

 I want to say how pleased I was to get the free svg files. I hope svg files will be available for purchase in the future as I do not have a cameo.

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I have a Make the Cut program (old version) and will import SVG files.   When I import them into the program, they are very small.  How do I know how big to make the files to work with the stamps.  Sorry I'm really new to creating and modifying SVG files.

I think that is the plan :))

You shouldn't have to modify the .svg files. I believe we are trying to work through it all and think they will be on offer soon. I am sure Gina will chime in if I am wrong on this.

Please let me know where the free svg file is available so I can try it on my machine.  I am also very excited to hear that Gina may be making svg files to coordinate with her stamps!

Thanks, Donna!

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