Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

We're cleaning house and reorganzing a bit!

Now, you can easily find our current challenges forum because we now have a tab up top for you to click right on over!

Our new Idea Center has a banner on the home page with a CLICK box to get you over there in a jiffy! Just click the Main Tab to go to the home page and then click the skinny banner front and center and go get inspired!

We hope this helps you navigate around even faster so you can get to where you want to go with ease. :)

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Thanks Gina thats great!
Thanks Gina! The challenge tab is definitely appreciated!
Great idea to add the challenge link, too!
This is great....thanks so much!!!
Love the challenge tab. I am always going through the forums for the challenges to print out. Great work making things easier for us. Thank you.
Love it!
Thanks Gina & Crew!!
I think this is great!!! I signed in and saw that wonderful "Challenge" tab and though.. "Wow!... Love it!" Good job GKD peeps!!!
Smiley from

Housecleaning...................why is it more fun online than IRL????? LOL
This site just gets better every day. Thanks for always making things easy for us.
Thanks!! This is a great idea!

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