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Good morning, everyone.  I recently purchased a Scan N Cut, and was wanting to download some of the files for sets I had purchased, however I keep getting this message:  


Problem accessing /files/SdKs0vditdZnYtS6XAj3v*JdapyxqVbMp95mGNjWlifQFxi3-eQDKmBA2GJkGbHfxOSrXZdZ*F981JlsYG2ZbWyZk60WH4tf/HolidaySeasonSVGCutFile.svg. Reason:

    Internal Server Error

Can someone tell me how to access these files?


Becky P.

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I, too, recently purchased a scan n cut and I experienced the same thing.  Only the sets that I am looking for link takes me to a website called and gives me this message 

File was deleted from server.

File was deleted by owner or exceeded maximum storage time (100 days from last download).

I am assuming that no one downloaded these files for 100 days and they were deleted by the website (

These are older sets, so that would make sense.  I noticed the message you mentioned when I looked at the Holiday Seasons link.  I don't know if the same type of thing happened with those files or not.  Maybe someone else knows what caused that error message.

It would be great to have them back on the freebies page, but I understand it wouldn't be something on the top of Gina's list.

If there is also a PDF file, I just print it, then scan it and save it on my SNC. Much easier than the .svg files. However, most of the time I just stamp the image, and do a direct cut! That is basically all I do with my SNC anymore. I'm sure it does a lot more, but I just want my images cut out for cards! Hope this help.
Yes, Shelley, I got that message on the older files, too.

I usually just stamp and cut, but it would be nice to be able to cut from an .svg file, also. Then you can manipulate it in snc canvas.
I'm with Diana I use the direct cut, nice and easy, love my scan n cut!

We used to use a service to host our SVG files. It looks like they went out of business. :( When they closed up, all of our SVG files went with them. Ugh!

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