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Just a head's up to all of our members. We have had a huge amount of spammers joining the site and we are removing them as quickly as they join, however, we occasionally suspend someone who didn't do anything wrong by accident. (I know, that's terrible, but sometimes they get grouped in with a bulk suspention. We are so sorry for that.)


If that happens to you, please reply to the suspension notice and we will reinstate you immediately. (It's only happened twice in the last year but we just wanted you to know that we can make mistakes but we can fix them right away too!)  :)


Thank you for your patience with us as we continue to work to keep StampTV and wonderful place for all papercrafters!


Gina K.



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We all appreciate your attention to the "happenings" on the forum. Thanks for the heads up!
Sounds good! The title had me like "what's happened" :o) Good thing I am in the clear, LOL! I was a good girl in school and never got suspended...what about you Tina? hee-hee
Haha! That did sound a bit alarming, didn't it! Well, I guess it would be too, if I'd received one of those notices! :)
How else can I make sure you all read it. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-!!!!!
You sure got my attention, LOL!

Gina K. said:
How else can I make sure you all read it. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-!!!!!
Oh man...I thought you'd finally suspended Lee and me! *giggle*
You scared me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You got my attention - I do thank you for doing this because I was asked to be a friend of someone who did not seem real friendly - I see now that they are gone. You all do such a great job on this site.

I really did think it was about @!&^! I bet she is relieved!
ROFLOL!!!! Anyone see Tina? I am getting concerned, LOL!

Ky Scrapacat said:
Oh man...I thought you'd finally suspended Lee and me! *giggle*
Ohhh Ky!!!! You tryin' to get me in trouble???? I'm innocent I tellya!!! An angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks! This just goes to show that a lot of hard work goes along with the fun.
Miesje brings up a good point.................PLEASE let us know asap if you get a friend request from anyone that seems like they don't belong here as a good, ole stampin' member!!!! Although we check several times a day, once in a while someone can get past our detective network!!! LOL Please feel free to always contact any of us with any uncertainties!!!! We seriously want to keep this amazing place truly enjoyable for you all!!!!!

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