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Hey y'all!!  Cat here with this week's challenge for you!  Can you guess by the title what it is?  I bet lots of you did!  For this challenge you will need to use Acetate on your card!  And, I'm being easy here, so you can use Acetate OR Vellum!  I know vellum isnt clear, but its in case you dont have Acetate.  :D  See?  easy peasy lemon squeezy!  Here is my card I made for an example:

For my card I used the Sentimental Bouquet stamp set

I used acetate to make the top section of my card and for the bow that has the rolled flower on it.  The trick using acetate is to  hide the yucky backside that has the tape and such on it.  I did this by sandwiching the acetate between cardstock when needed to hide that.  It really was easy to do!

Ok, its your turn now!  Let me see how clearly creative you can be! 

Here is all the small print:

Be sure and have your creation uploaded to our gallery with the tag "STV17MON8" no later than February 26th , 8PM CST for your chance to win an awesome $20 gift certificate from Gina K Designs!!  

(just a reminder 'back tagging' which means, you can't take a card you uploaded before my challenge was up and tag it with the challenge tag.  The time and date have to be later than my time and date for this challenge being posted!)

Here is the gallery for this challenge:

STV17MON8 Gallery

Cant wait to see all of your gorgeous creations!

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Fun challenge! Thanks for hosting!

What a fun challenge.  I love how you have acetate down below, too.  It is a beautiful card.

Wonderful creation Cat and a good challenge. Thanks

Love the challenge and your card!  Thanks for hosting this weeks MIUM Challenge!  :)  <3 

Your card is gorgeous and for the life of me I cannot fathom how you decorated that acetate so beautifully! I worked with this once before and it was a horrible experience for me. I am not sure I will even attempt to try it. But I certainly love this card you made. It is fantastic!

That's gorgeous, Cat!  Oh I can see the smudges already in my creation lol  Acetate can be tough lol

Love this card! Cute, cute, cute!

That is a super great card and funny thing.  I've been playing with acetate without much luck.  But willing to try again.  Thanks for hosting.

Very pretty card, Cat, and I appreciate the ability to use vellum because I don't have any acetate.  Thanks for the fun challenge.

Great challenge, Cat! Can't wait to play!

Great challenge and beautiful card .Thanks Cat for hosting this week's challenge.

Great Challenge. I have a question of course :) Gina K designs has a few stamps with some other Companies Catherine pooler and Unity stamps for example.  Do those sets count when used for theses challenges.  Thanks 

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