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Good Monday Morning to y'all!  And glad you have stopped in to check out this week's challenge!  I hope you will play along!

Ok, the title of this challenge...Happy Birthday!!  Did you think its to make a birthday card?  Well, IF you did, wrong answer!  LOL!  For this challenge you will need to use your Birth DATE...the DAY to be specific!  No need to give up that year you was born, haha!  Below is a list...the list starts out at '0' and ends with the '9'  We will use two of the things from the list, but it will have to correspond with your birthDAY...for example, here is mine: 

My birthDay is 23  (Jan. 23rd, 19blahblahblah)

And the corresponding things I have to use to make my card are

2 - hand stitching


3 - die cuts

And this is my card! (Of which I am super excited to share because it uses two images and   from the upcoming Mini StampTV kit available 8/31! AND a little word die that will be available then also!


Isnt that leaf gorgeous!?  I love the little dots on it!  And it has matching die cut, so I embossed that behind the fussy cut leaf that I made with alcohol inks and Yupo paper...LOVE playing with that stuff!  My hand stitching, well, back when I first started with cards, that is how I started..doing counted cross stitch on them..much more detailed than this one.  And you dont have to have a fancy tool or die for making the little pattern of holes to do this.  I used graph paper and poked it where the little squares meet!  Makes perfect size for a card I think!  'Accent Stitches' I call them!

Ok, now, here is the list:

0 - Markers

1 - only one layer

2 - hand stitching

3 - die cuts

4 - designer paper

5 - foiling

6 - stencil

7 - vellum

8 - butterfly

9 - ribbon

and for another example....lets say your birthday is on the 7th of the month.  For that date, you will use '07'  .  Basically, if you birth DAY is a single digit, then put a '0' with it, like if your birthday was , Jan. 7th, 1970,,.  think of it in this format:  01/07/1970  because you HAVE to use two 'numbers' from the list...make sense?  Also, if you are a double digit day...such as '22nd'  use the '2' and either go one up or one down to get your other element to use.  Have I totally confused y'all!!?   LOL  I hope  not,  but you can  post your question here, ill be checking back as always!  Also, if, for some strange reason,   you do not have the item you are suppose to use, don't stress!!  either skip up or down one until you do have the item. 

  Also when adding your photo to the gallery and the writeup, put what your birth DAY is!

Ok, now the fine print!!

Be sure to have your creation uploaded to our gallery by 8PM CST, Aug 27th with STV17MON34 as the tag so we can see your creation along with all the others!

Here is the gallery for this challenge:  STV17MON34 Challenge


Now, go forth and create!  And dont look at the sun today! Unless you have the glasses for doing that! 

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Oh what fun!!!

OK, I will make my date of the 15th work, something in one layer with foiling is on my mind.

Cat GKD DT/Moderator said:

welllllll, kinda sorta, lol!  I want it to be fun for you, so if using you day's numbers is too hard or complicated then I'll say go ahead.  BUT, for everybody else, it does not mean you ALL get to do that!  haha!  and you cantdo hubby's BD or brother Bubba's or sister Mary's  etc.etc.......:D:D

Bonnie said:

Oh you are a tricky one Miss Cat. I may have to pick the year of my birthday. It has a better combination than my date. Or is that cheating?

Goegeous card, very fun challenge!

Linda, you not confused!  You had it right the first time!  To use hand stitching of any kind, (my card for example) and vellum!  have FUN!

Linda Littlepage said:

question my birthday is Jan. 27th So do I use the  2 - hand stitching and 7 - vellum  Or Can  I write it like this 01-27th And use the elms01? or used my mom Birthday It works her Feb. 09th. Help I confused now. I am not sure do this what is definition 2 - hand stitching two rows what? I am confused I need help? Linda


Love the challenge, Cat! Your card is awesome too!

What a fun challenge! Love your card and oh that die is awesome. Looks like I will be doing a one layer card with hand stitches.

Oh my goodness Cat.  This is a very cool challenge and I must say I got super lucky on the numbers 18, right?  Hope to get time to play.  Senior in high school and she is captain of the varsity volleyball squad, whew fall is busy Yall!  

What fun!  I always hope I have a card already made for a challenge, but I always feel like I'm cheating.  Not a problem this week (or last, for that matter)  I have never tried to stitch on a card, but since my birthday is the 26th, guess I will give it a try. Great challenge!

Well bummer!  My birthDAY is the 11th!  So do I do only one layer on top of only one layer? :-(

No double digits and move up or down a day for the second 1 so 1 and 0 or 1 and 3.
Lynta Carter said:

Well bummer!  My birthDAY is the 11th!  So do I do only one layer on top of only one layer? :-(

Hey Lynta!  Just as Gayle said...move up one or down one, you have that choice if you have a double digit birth DAY.  I explained it a bit more up above in the write up for y'all!   Have fun!

Lynta Carter said:

Well bummer!  My birthDAY is the 11th!  So do I do only one layer on top of only one layer? :-(

Oops should be 1 and 0 or 1 and 2 not 3.. getting confused by all of these numbers...Lol.

Gayle Chrvala said:

No double digits and move up or down a day for the second 1 so 1 and 0 or 1 and 3.
Lynta Carter said:

Well bummer!  My birthDAY is the 11th!  So do I do only one layer on top of only one layer? :-(

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