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Hey y'all!  Cat here with you this week for the MIUM challenge!  And its a super easy one!  My grandson inspired this card, lol!  He told me a joke...'what's black and white and 'read' all over'  and of course I played along like i had never heard it, haha!  (in case you HAVENT heard it, the answer is  a newspaper!)  BUT, we are ignoring the red part and and replacing it with gold....just a touch!  And by a touch I mean dont let the gold over power the black and white.  I used the ribbon that has a touch of gold in it and a super small layer of gold....ok, your turn~   I love so looking forward to seeing yours!  Here is mine:

I used the new set by our NEW illustrator Chris Dayton!  Called Sentimental Calla Lily


ok, now time for the small print:

Be sure to have your creation uploaded to our gallery by 8PM CST July 9th.  Add the tag STV17MON27 so we will be able to see your creation with all of the others! 


STV17MON27 Challenge Gallery

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Or, an embarrassed zebra works for the joke, too.  

This will be a fun challenge.  I love the peek of gold along the left side, too.

Hi Cat, I'm with Golda on the Zebra answer LOL. Great card. Black and white is always so elegant and a touch of gold just ads to the pizzazz. Thanks for a fun challenge.

Gorgeous creation and a good challenge too. Thanks

Hi Cat!  Your card is so elegant!  I love the black and white with a touch of gold. This challenge looks fun!  :)

Beautiful card, Cat! Love the challenge too! Thank you!!

I love your card. It's so elegant, quiet, and touching :* I hope to play with you and everyone this week.

Great challenge love your card!
What a fun challenge, thanks for inspiring us with your beautiful card!

Your card is so beautiful and I was very enthused to try and make one for this challenge after seeing yours. So HERE is the card I came up with. Thanks for the fun!

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