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Hey y'all!  It's me again with this week's MIUM challenge!  I know, bad title of the challenge...especially if you dont know who the rock band  Metalicca is, lol!  BUT, you might have guessed what this challenge will involve!  Yep, METAL!  You are to have at least ONE thing with metal on  your card!  Here is my excample...I have more than one, but you dont have to!:

I used the new mini kit My Anchor  and the stamp image from Melanie's set, Stately Flowers 11 for my example.  I have a metal key and word plaque and also chicken wire for my metal on this card!  :D 

Ok, it's your turn!  Show me the metal! 


And now for all of the fine print:

Be sure to have your creations uploaded to our gallery no later than 8PM EST  April 16th.  Be sure

to add the tag STV17MON15 for your chance to win a $20.00 Gift certificate to Gina K Designs store!

(just a reminder 'back tagging' which means, you can't take a card you uploaded before my challenge was up and tag it with the challenge tag. The time and date have to be later than my time and date for this challenge being posted!)

I cant wait to see all of you gorgeous creations!


Here is a link to the gallery for this challenge:

STV17MON15 Gallery


(And don't forget about our ongoing yearly MIUM challenge! Here is the link to the information on that:)

Yearly MIUM info!

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What a fun challenge!  Love your card, too.

FUN!  Awesome card!  (and title tee hee)

Fun card and fun challenge. Gotta get my thinking cap on and find something metal that I can use.

Wow, great card, Cat! Love the challenge. Got to get to work on it :-)

Great idea for the challenge.  I looked through the gallery with the search word metal.  There was a challenge with this several years ago, so I found a few examples.  I saw aluminum foil that was embossed, a metal button, soda can tabs, and all sorts of other ideas.  I went shopping today and bought a couple of metal  pieces from the jewelry department that can be placed flat on a card for mailing.  Looking forward to working on this!

Great card, Cat! And thanks for the ideas, Lisa! Won't be as hard as I thought! Headed to the Gallery now!

Who doesn't love Metallica? Great idea for a challenge.  

That is a fabulous card Missy!  I love Metallica!!!!  Makes me feel so young

I forgot to comment on this challenge - old age is creeping in faster than I would like. Great challenge Cat and I love the play on the words you used to describe it.

Cat, I can't wait to play along- is a fun challlenge!

Cool name Metalica, then you use another band name Journey on your card.  :)

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