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Hey y'all!!  Cat here this week bringing you the weekly challenge!  :D  So, the title, 'What's That You Say?'   --For this challenge you are to use a quote, ANY quote ( I was going to provide one  but I'm  being easy for you and letting YOU pick what quote you want to use! :D).  You will need to tell me and everyone else, what quote you used  in the write up of you picture when you upload it too!  Here is my example:

My quote I used is: 

"Good things come in small packages."

my cards inspired by this quote:

i made two card, showing that a small card can be just as good as a normal or 'big' card!  (you do NOT have to make two cards!   This is just my interpretation of that quote!)  I used the newly released StampTV Kit, Bold and Blooming, for my card and also was inspired by Gina making matching envelopes too and made matching envelopes for both cards!

And here is a site that has a few quotes on it.   You can google and find all kinds of quotes too!

Think Exist...quotations here!

OK, its your turn now! Here is all the small print:

Be sure and have your creation uploaded to our gallery with the tag "STV17MON11"no later than March 19th, 8PM CSTfor your chance to win an awesome $20 gift certificate from Gina K Designs!!

(just a reminder 'back tagging' which means, you can't take a card you uploaded before my challenge was up and tag it with the challenge tag. The time and date have to be later than my time and date for this challenge being posted!)

Here is the gallery for this challenge:
STV17MON11 Gallery

Can't wait to see all of y'all's awesome creations!

(And don't forget about our ongoing yearly MIUM challenge! Here is the link to the information on that:)
Yearly MIUM info!

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Oh, this will be a fun one!  What a fantastic idea, Cat.

Oh wow, thanks for the link. What could have been super hard is now going to easy and fun. Thanks CAT!

I love your sheepy cards! They're darling! And this is a fun challenge Cat! I hope to play with you all!

Great challenge Cat. Will have fun figuring out what will fit.

What a fun challenge.  I love those cards you made.  They are darling.

Do you have the Tag wrong should it be STV17MON11?  or  do we tag this one 8?  Sorry just making sure don't want to enter card in wrong spot. Thanks

oh my goodness!  I M SO SORRY!  You are correct!  Gonna fix it now!

I had copy and pasted that from a previous challenge I hosted, lol!  duh me!

Susan Wareham said:

Do you have the Tag wrong should it be STV17MON11?  or  do we tag this one 8?  Sorry just making sure don't want to enter card in wrong spot. Thanks

What a fun challenge and thanks for the link. It is a great place for quotes. Your cards are sweet too.

Awesome challenge, Cat!! Love your cards!

This is a fun challenge that made me think and research a little bit.  I found a quote by A.A. Milne that I liked and another by Winston Churchill.  I went ahead and created two cards, basically the same with different sentiments and quotes.  Thanks for the inspiration and making the brain work a bit.

Can we type up our own saying(quotes?) And still be leibale to winner? Has long we use a Gina K stamp. thanks Linda

Thanks Cat, fun challenge!  Here is my card:  STV17MON11

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