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Hey y'all!!  It's MEEEeee!  I will be your hostess for this week's challenges aned I decided we are 'Going to the Movies!!'  For this challenge you are to think of a movie, any movie, your favorite, one you your kiddos love, it doesnt matter and then make a card with something on that card that reflects that movie.  Here is my example:

Can you guess what movie mine is?  The Color Purple!  One of my 'top of the list' movies!  So did some water painting with Brushos and heat embossed the images in black to make them pop more.  The purple is in the ribbon and in the paint.  So, see?  pretty easy!  and if you have any questions, just ask!! 

OK, now for the small print:

Be sure to have your project loaded to our gallery by Sunday, April 19th, 8PM CST. Be sure to add the tag STV15MON15 so we will be able to see all of the gorgeous creations in the gallery all together.  Here is the link to this gallery:

STV15MON15 Gallery

(I will have my card in the gallery as soon as it lets me upload it!)

Ok!  Its your turn now!  Go Forth and create and have fun while you are at it!! 

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THis is such an interesting muse. Will have to think on this one... Your colors work so well and the black is the perfect pop. very well done, Cat!

Very pretty card!  What an intriguing challenge.  This one is going to take some thought and going through my stamps to see what I can actually do.

I will need to put on my thinking cap for this one. 

Beautiful Cat! And did someone saaay MOVIES? I could probably do one a week just on favorite movies! Now let's get my body to cooperate! 

An interesting challenge and a great card example. Not sure how I'm going to accomplish this one. I'm having trouble viewing the gallery - is anyone else having the same issue? I can't seem to get into it at all.

Very excited about this challenge Cat! I have an all time, never get tired of watching it movie! Even my kids have it memorized, lol. Ok, off to bed!

Oh, you got yourself some huh? There is a Facebook group if you haven't seen it. Beautiful vibrant card

What a great card - awesome colors!  And an interesting challenge ..... :)

Wow! Beautiful card and a great idea for a challenge! This is a challenge indeed!

I am excited to see what you all come up with!  Don't "overthink' it.   I do that alot..make things harder by overthing it..kwim?  :D

Joyce, Thanks for mention of the FB group, I need to check it out!  I LOVE playing with them!  My grandson think they are magic, haha!

Interesting and unique challenge! And a great card, Cat! Tons of movies to choose from.

Cat, I am new to these challenges and just would like clarification on the rules. As long as one uses only Gina K stamps but use other patterned paper, embellishments, and dies, can one still qualify to win OR do all the supples used in the card have to be exclusive Gina K products?


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