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Hey y'all!!  Guess who's hosting you this week?  Yep me!  :D  And I got a challenge for ya..and no, its not a wedding themed challenge!  :D  Something Old, INTO Something New!  For this challenge you will need to have an old store bought card...or a brand new one you might have laying around, and use elements off of that card to create a new one!  Here is my example:

And here are the two store bought cards that I used to make this one:

I did some fancy cutting to add a border and to make that little 'believe' banner.  I used the stamp sets below:

Frame and Filler

A Gift For You incentive stamp set

Winter Cheer

Here is an OLD example for you...we had this challenge about 5 years ago and I made this card...

I uses Melanie's Little Tees stamp set and did some paper piecing, how cool is that one?  I even like this one, lol!

Now, you can use the old store bought card of any kind, it doesnt have to be Christmas one.  And you MUST have a Gina K Design stamped image or sentiment somewhere on the card as usual to be eligible for the prize drawing.  I cant wait to see what y'all come up with!!  Ok, now for the small print!

Be sure your creation is uploaded to our gallery by Sunday, Nov. 30, 8PM CST.  You must add the tag STV14MON47 to your creation so we can view it with all of the other entries.  We cant wait to see what you come up with!!  Any questions, just ask here in the thread, it is checked regularly!    Go forth and create!!

Here is the link to this challenges gallery:

STV14MON47 Gallery

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Shoot! I did one like this just a couple of weeks ago! Oh,'s a fantastic challenge, Cat!

Fun challenge!

Fun challenge! I definitely have old cards to take elements from. Do we need to submit a photo of the old store bought card and the new card?

Not neccessry!  Ill just trust y'all used an old card of some kind, :D

Lorraine Purcell said:

Fun challenge! I definitely have old cards to take elements from. Do we need to submit a photo of the old store bought card and the new card?

Well this is a cool Challenge....thankfully I SAVE cards....ALL cards!  lol  Finally a payoff!  HA....take that Husband!!!  Wonderful creations, Cat!

Super idea for this challenge, Cat. You inspired me to make a card from some old calenders that I just could not bring myself to throw away.

Cat, I absolutely love your samples!! Fun challenge!!

Great Challenge, and I love both of your examples! :) 

What a wow of a challenge, Cat! Your cards are so gorgeous, too! And 5 yrs back? You've been good at this for a long, long, long time! I love your snowman shirt/sweater in the snow! Donna, you make me laugh - you save cards that long, too!!! And Bonnie, that is a beautiful card! I save calendar pics, too!!! Mostly ballet though. Great idea!

What a fun challenge Cat!

Here is my Challenge card: Look here

This really was fun to make, Cat.  Great idea for a challenge!

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