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Hey y'all!!  It's me, Cat!  Coming to you LIVE with a new challenge, lol!  Did you guess what the challenge is by the title?   No?  Ok, I'll tell the title says (and Alan Jackson, country singer!)  It's alright to be little you need to make an ATC for this week's challenge.  ATC stands for 'Artist Trading Card'  and they were/are traded from one artist to another.   They measure 3 1/2 by 2 1/2...about the size of a playing card.  Your dimensions, must be 3 1/2 x 2 1/2!  For my example, I have made a Halloween ATC...yours does not have to be Halloween can be anything you like on it, as long as the dimensions are what is stated above.  Here is my little bitty ATC:

I used a playing card too, as the base, you can see a bit of it poking out of the top left side...its the back of a playing card.  I did some distressing on this, with distress paints and inks and distressing tool.  AND, I used GLITTER!!  Hard to believe i know!  I used the stamp set Spooktacular You:

It's your turn now!  Looking forward to seeing all of your little bitties!  :D  And here is all the small print:

Be sure and have your creation uploaded to our gallery by Sunday, Oct. 20th, 8PM CST.  Be sure to use the tag 'STV13MON41'  so we will be able to find your creation!

Here is the link to this challenge's gallery:


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What a fun challenge!

I really don't make ATC's but if I do it ends up as an embellishment on a card. So I might do one and then later put it to a background and larger card. Those are pretty small canvases but I think I can handle one. LOL

Fun challenge, Cat! I haven't done an ATC in over 10 years! Maybe I'll get my act together and play!

This should be fun. I'll have to make time to do this one!

Cute ATC card Cat!!  And now that song is stuck in my head! LOL

ATC newbie but I gave it a shot and came up with two using the same stamp set "Enjoy the Journey".Here's the first for Chase and  my second one forBrooke seen here.  I've been waiting to use this set since I picked it up on one of Gina's sales. So the grandchildren are going to Disney and I'm going to incorporate these 'little bittys' in their cards.  TFL.  Almost forgot, thanks Cat for a fun challenge and your awesome sample.

How fun this is Cat! Do we put something on the backs of them, or just leave them blank? Very cute!!!

I have never made one so this is a perfect challenge to flex the creative muscle! 

Well, I finally got an ATC done but I am the first to say I am not too good at making them. But maybe if I practice I will get better. HERE is my first attempt! LOL

This is fun now that I think I am getting the hang of it. Here is my next Itty Bitty. Great challenge Cat.

I got one more ATC done today. This one is called Snowball Effect! I am glad I got some time to play again today. That was fun! Maybe later on in the week I can make a few more. Now, I will eventually add these to cards, but for now they are ATC's.

Oh, my! It seems once I got started I can't stop. But I do promise this is the last one for now.....or should I say at least for today. HERE is my Autumn ATC creation.


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