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Good morning Stamp TV Fans!  I have the honor of hostessing this week's Mix it Up Monday Challenge (thanks Lori!) - I hope you like it!

A few years ago, to celebrate Stamp TV's or Gina K. Designs' anniversary, Gina listed ten challenges for us - one of which was the rubber band background technique.  At first I thought "hmmm... that looks like a lot of work, maybe I will skip this one... I don't even own an acrylic brayer...' but I had completed the other 9 challenges and the OCD in me just didn't want to leave one unattempted.  I am SO glad I didn't because I was thrilled with how the card turned out with this technique!  And here's a tip - if you don't have an acrylic brayer - no worries!  I just used 3 empty cardboard TP rolls and put the rubber bands around them!  But really - anything cylindrical shaped will work as long as you can get a rubber band around it!  So I hope you will give it a try!  Here is my card I created as your sample using Gina's 'Cool Beans' set:

 Kinda reminds me of burlap - I like it!!  My last card used three shades of green, that had a nice Earthy effect as well.  Here's that one if you wish to see it: Koala Bear.

You can view the Rubber Band Background Technique Video HERE

You can see all the cards from this challenge here: STV12MON42

Now a little reminder about the rules:

The deadline for this challenge is Sunday October 28th at 8:00 pm CST.  One week following this challenge one of the Mods will pick a winner and post in the Big News section on Stamp TV.  Good Luck!  Can't wait to see what you create!!  :D

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I'm SO addicted to making this background now, thanks for the challenge. I used the plastic part of the toilet roll holder, the part that actually holds the toilet roll, it washes up rally well, & makes a great piece.

Thanks for this, I'd wanted to try it since I saw the video a while ago, but never had the right thing to use, now I do & it didn't cost me anything as I had a spare one just lying around!!  

WOO HOO!!  Karen is CRAFTING again everyone!  Oh this warms my heart so much!!  BIG BIG hugs Karen!!  

Karen Knegten said:

I had fun with these rubber bands and this technique.  HERE is my card.

Yep, makes total sense Sharon, LOL!  I knew I wanted to use the technique and decided what images might look nice with that kind of background.  So yes, I did have the images in mind first.  I usually have the whole card planned out in my mind before I begin making any card actually, sometimes I change the layout a bit as I am working, but that is how my mind works during the creative process.  Hope you've had a chance to try it!  :D

Sharon Prophet said:

Great challenge, I'm going to definately give it a try.  I absolutely love both your cards and find the images go so perfectly.  I would love to know if you had the images you were going to use in mind before you chose the colours or did you just create beautiful rubber band backgrounds and find images that worked with it...hope this makes sense lol!


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