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I just had to share this story with all of you.


I teach 6th grade English, in a rural district, south of St. Louis, MO.  My students are hard to reach at times.  They love to talk about anything and everything...believe me when I say anything and everything!  Whew!  I have heard some stories!

I have tried so many tactics to help control behavior and excessive talking.  The tactics work for a while, but then the kiddos get bored with it.  While trying to put my brain to sleep one night, it occurred to me that to control behavior, I needed to find something that interests the kiddos to hold over their little noggin's. Well, I did indeed find what I was looking for!

My kiddos now earn the right to watch a GinaK StampTV video during tutorial/academic support time...hehehehe  You should hear how they talk about the videos and they can't wait for the new videos on Wednesday and Friday.  They have proclaimed that GinaK needs to make a video for everyday of the week.  Their interest amazes me! 

They talk about how they think GinaK should have embossed this or that.  They are amazed at all of the entries into the challenges.  At times they are critical, but find a positive in every entry.  They are growing a stronger vocabulary from the terms used in craftying/stamping. 

We will soon be doing "How to" essays/speeches and they all are required to use a technique from the GinaK StampTV videos to complete their essay/speech.  They are so excited about it, instead of the normal dread that is associated with giving speeches.  I am excited for them!

We are going to make Mother's Day cards when I get up the courage to bring in my GinaK stamps.  I plan on doing a "respect and taking care of other's belongings" lesson prior to that day.  Hey, I'm not a dummy!..hehehe  Have a great day!                                                             


"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have" #craft #quote

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Thank you Lee!

Lee, GKD DT/Moderator said:

Holy Cannoli!!!!!  THAT is so awesome and just amazing!!!!  Yes..your students are wonderful and you truly are a special teacher!!!!  We need more like you in our schools!!!!! 

Thank you Sharon.  I believe I am lucky to have my students.  Teaching is so rewarding!!
Sharon Prophet said:

What an awesome story!  I love all the subliminal things they will be picking up and learning!  Your kiddo's are so lucky to have you! 

Thank you, Nancy!  I am fortunate to be in a field that my job is to educate our youth and bring out the creativity in them.
Nancy Leppek said:

This was an awesome story and so glad you shared it with us!  I also work in the school system....and this was a brilliant idea!  Those kids are so fortunate to have you!

Thank you, Ina!

Ina Grehan said:

Wow what a fantastic idea. You are a marvel and now Gina will be even more famous. So nice to see children learning so much from OUR TEACHER. She really is brilliant and your idea makes you a brilliant teacher too. Thanks for telling us of your awesome idea.

Thank you, Cat!  You're more than welcome to come and join us!..hehehe
Cat, GKD DT/Moderator said:

Way cool!  Wish I had of had you as my teacher in 6th grade!  :D

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