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There is now a StampTV badge that you can embed on your blog or website. It is on the main page at the bottom of the left sidebar. Help us get the word out that StampTV is here! :)

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I just noticed it and created one a few minutes ago. Before seeing the announcement. LOL! Thanks Gina. Such a cool idea.
I saw that. Already put on my blog.
Thanks Gina, I added this to my blog.
I just put it up on my blog. Thanks, Gina.
The Electic Summer one?? Done! *smile*
Thanks Gina!! I've got mine up on my blog now!
I did it! Thanks for having the badge available for us.
I have the logo on my blog but will add the new badge as well. :0)
Thanks Gina!
Gina, I am new to blogging and I am on blogger. I was not able to add the badge. do you have any helpful hints?

HELP!!  Can't make the badge work on my Blogger blog.  What am I doing wrong?


Ok, just found out how to do it.  Debbie, if you go to add a gadget, there is a choice that reads html/javascript.  If you paste the embedded code into the text area, you will get your badge. 

Glad you got it working Richard!!  =)

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