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Wondering what stamp/ink pad some of you out there like to use. Which ones are the best in your opinion. I've watched several videos on You Tube where the ColorBox ink pad was used. I was pretty impressed with that one. Any opinions/preferences would be great!

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I really like Memento, it is my favorite and I supplement whatever colors they don't carry with Vivid.  I also use some of Tim Holtz distress ink, but hands down for me is Memento.   HTH, there are a lot of great inks out there!
Memento is my favorite too!!  I also really like Vivid!

I have a lot of different ink pads from a variety of vendors (I am rather an indecisive person by nature and was kind of all over the neighborhood when I began stamping).  If I knew then what I know now I would probably have only invested in the Memento line.  The coverage always seems more solid and even... I just like the consistency of them.  I don't see much bleeding with them.  They work well with Copic markers too.  Plus, several of the colors coordinate with the Gina K. line as well.


Although this is outside the scope of your question, I thought I would offer the following as well - I have full size pads in the black and brown and the dew drops in all of the other colors.  I ink my stamps with the rubber side up and the drops are just more comfortable for me personally.  They fit into one of those clamshell plastic boxes for convenient storage and travel if you go to events or crops (which I don't, but I like having them all together in one place for convenience).  They also fit nicely in a few of those small 5-drawer plastic storage units from Sterilite (which is what I did before I discovered they fit into the clamshell boxes).  I need to grow my collection of the reinkers, but so far they have stayed juicy for a while.  I also want to build my collection of the Memento markers as well - I like the options of stamping with markers - you can ink only portions of images or sentiments, you can color in intricate images with different colors, and there are some cool blending options with them as well -Gina has at least one video where she blended the colors in some flower petals using markers, very pretty.


Just my two cents - enjoy deciding!!

Thanks Shari & Craft Math Chick! I actually went out & bought a Momento Black ink pad since I posted this ? and am very impressed with it!

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