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Well, I'm still kinda new to the card making thing, and I'm blessed with a husband that indulges me with every tool, ink, stacks of paper, and anything else I show a remote interest in has a habit of appearing.


It all started with his Valentine's day card.  I had the whole thng made and finished up, and I was taking one last look at it, and I opened the card to write something inside, and without realizing it, laid it across an open inkpad, thus completely ruining it.


That was a lesson hard learned.  It takes me a long time to visualize my cards and awhile to put them together and I was pretty bummed.  So, I've been really careful about leaving inks open etc and always make sure to close my inkpads right away, and haven't had a repeat of that mess since.


Today, I was working on a sympathy card for a friend, when I finished the whole front panel and was really thrilled with the results.  I set it to the side, wiped down my ranger craft mat fairly well (or so i thought).   I took the card base I'd made, and I wanted to stamp a sentiment inside, so I did that, turned the card over, and realized there was stray ink all over the white card.  Okay, I can handle that, I thought, so I picked it up, wiped down my craft mat again, still unsure where the ink was coming from, turned it over, figuring i'd put a piece of patterned paper down to cover, and be fine.  So I was cutting my piece of paper, and I realize that whatever got all over the white card was also on the card panel and smeared... 


I'm not sure how this keeps happening to me. I try to work cleanly.  Am I just not letting stamped things dry long enough maybe?  Today's card that i'd worked on for most of the morning went in the garbage as it was totally unsalvageable at this point.


Anyone else have these types of problems or am I just a broken card maker :/

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Like all comments before me, it is a disease that we suffer.  Fingers attract ink like a magnet.  Distress ink, a favorite I use all the time is particularly dangerous.  I assemble my cards on a quilting mat after moving my inky craft mat to the side.  The quilting mat has lots of lines and measurements to keep things straight.
This thread is so familiar. Ink smudges on fingers that I get on cards, stamps that I accidentally left uncleaned which my fully created card fell upon. <SIGH>

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