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How do you all use a Stamp TV Kit? Do you keep it all together in the plastic case it came in or take it apart and put paper with your papers, ribbons with ribbons, etc. I've been taking the stamps out and putting  them with my other stamps leaving the ribbons and the cardstock in the plastic container.  I find that I often forget to use the papers and ribbon, etc. because they are put away in my storage.

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COWABUNGA! Jackie - thanks for the great tip. I've been using some heavy Tim Holtz pockets for one of his binders and they work great - also got some similar ones at Hobby Lobby, but haven't been able to find more. I just opened a new pack of quart Ziplocs, looked at it and thought, nah, that won't fit - I'm from Missouri so you have to show me. Lo and behold I worked! I'll be moving my paper packs so I can free up the pockets for something else. Thanks again.
Jackie Quintana said:

Tammy, I use quart size baggies, Zip Lock, and they're perfect. You can even store two packs back to back and be able to see what is in both packs if you keep the page that shows all the papers in the pack.

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