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When is the new Stamp TV Kit going to be available for purchase?

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Yep!!!  2 days!!

Can't wait! It looks just yummy!!

Here is a sneak peek, in color so you can see how the roses and leaves looked when stamped with assorted inks!

Evan hardly wait to purchase my second Stamp TV Kit!!!!

I have heard several things about the new release. that there won't be a release party and video at 7pm.

Two...that the new stamp sets will be available at 9am and that is the new release.

So...if you don't mind me asking....what IS the "real deal"?   Me, and, I am sure that a bunch of very anxious StampTv members would love to know. 

Thanks very much for any info!

I always appreciate knowing the details of the who, what, where, and why!   LOL


Both are correct! There will be no release party since this is a kit-only release and it will be available tomorrow morning, (Thursday, April 30th,) at 9:00 AM Central time, (Clock on the main page thanks to some coaxing from some of my wonderful StampTV members!)



OMGosh, thank you so much, for that info...Gina!!!

I will skedaddle home from my lab work Thursday morning!  ha. 

Figures that I would have an appointment that day, and that early!  LOL

AND, thanks for that clock!!!  Love it!

Looking for the clock on the main page. Not visible when I log in. :(

The clock should show up in the left column, second box from the top that creates the left column, "Words to live by at Stamp TV," just below the US flag and the name Milwaukee (nearest big city if you want to use the World Clock at or if you know where to find it on the map at although any city in the yellow US Central time zone should have the same time).  The next thing below the clock is the orange graphic / link for "Charts for Papercrafting."

If you are on a device that does not allow plug-ins, the clock will not display.  For instance, on my Kindle Fire plug-ins are not allowed, so I see a black space where the clock should be.  Also on my computer browser, we have a plug-in so I do not see advertising and I will not see any recommendations from Gina for Amazon.  Maybe your browser does not allow plug-ins so that is why you are not seeing it.

Marianne Hansen said:

Looking for the clock on the main page. Not visible when I log in. :(

Today is Thursday! 

That fabulous kit has been worth the wait!

Kudos to Gina, our illustrators, and, GKD! 

I have been wanting a 2-3 Step Floral stamp and leaves for ages!!!  Woohoo!

Thanks for that, and, I can't wait for my Happy Mail!!!

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