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Happy Fun Friday Stamp TV Friends!!!!
This time around it's a  Free For All Friday Recipe Challenge!!  What's a Recipe Challenge??  Well...I give you a "recipe" and you have to follow along!!  Remember you have to follow the recipe carefully or you just might have to start over!!  LOL

The recipe today is:

2 Embellishments
3 Images
4 Colors (of paper and/or dp)
5+ layers (minimum of 5 layers but can be more)

Here is my sample card:

My 2 embellishments give you some creative ideas.....I took one large bling piece and cut it in two....but it's still one embellie! LOL  And the Jute is my second embellie.  The 3 images I used are the lighthouse, the pelican and the bird silhouettes.  I used more than 5 surprise there, eh??  Heehee!  The tricky thing is you are limited to 4 colors of your cardstock and dp....the only exception is white, but other neutrals count as colors!!  You can use more colors in your actual image with ink when stamping and/or coloring though!  See?  Aren't I nice??  LOL  I used Theresa's new By The Sea and made a masculine card.....I don't make many of those and I still use bling!  Haha!

Please have your project uploaded to the gallery here at StampTV using keyword STVFRILM1 by 8:00 PM central time, Thursday June 16th.

Please create and upload a new project for this challenge that can only be entered into this challenge here on StampTV to be eligible for a prize, no combining of Stamp TV challenges.  However, you can combine it with challenges outside of StampTV.  And remember you don't have to use Gina K. Designs stamps, but if you do your name will go into the drawing twice!  The random winner gets a stamp set of choice up to $24.95.

Please feel free to ask any questions in this thread and I'll pop in and keep an eye out!  I can't wait to see all the fabulous creations!!!

                                              ~ Lee - GKD DT/Moderator ~

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Oh, this looks like a fun challenge! Thanks, Lee! Love your gorgeous card!
Such a gorgeous creation Lee!!
What a fun challenge Lee!

I think my card has all the right elements..the 2 embellishments are the ribbon and flower; the 3 images are the two frames and the large butterfly, 4 colors of papers and since the pattern paper has the colors of green, brown, cream and purple that is the color of layers I used as well and believe I have 5+ layers as well. But then again I was never that great at math so perhaps I might have counted wrong. At any rate, here is what I did.


I was looking for a gallery link for this challenge but didn't see any and when I put the code into a search engine I couldn'f find the entries either. What am I doing wrong?
As long as you have the tag on it will be fine. Ning tags act wonky at times but the Mods are careful to make sure all entries are found and counted. My card isn't in the gallery yet as I've been out all day just checking in via my Droid. My card will be in the gallery when I get home.

AAaahhhhhhh *runs screaming to room and slams the door*


Ok, so this isn't so bad... I think...


I have the PERFECT idea.....and a smilie to show you that idea......why don't you all do this and then in the peace and relaxation you can PLAN your card so it will be a breeze when you actually make it!  LOL

Actually I just had to find an excuse to post that cute smilie!!!!!  LOL
WOW, Lee!!!  Are you sick???  This is toned down for you!!! *wink* Thanks for going easy on us!!! :D
Wow I guess that's why it is a challenge and allows us to aspire to bigger and better.  Thanks
Exactly, it is only 4 bold things, lol!  Way toned down :o)  I suppose with it not being a release challenge she would go easy on us....  love ya Lee!!  Thinking on mine...

Misti said:
WOW, Lee!!!  Are you sick???  This is toned down for you!!! *wink* Thanks for going easy on us!!! :D

Hahaha.....ohhhh I guess I should post the evil laughing smilie!!!!



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