Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

I promised!!!  And I do have "before" and "after" photos to share!!!!  Are y'all REALLY sure???  I mean ***TRULY*** sure ready to see my "before" photos without throwing me to the sharks??????????  I bet I had the worst EVER in disorganized, cluttered stamp rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I'm embarrassed...............I need reassurance y'all will still LOVE ME!!!!!!

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Boy! you did a wonderful job with such a small space. good ideas. I hang my spellbinder dies on the 3m hooks that can be moved on my wall. that way I can see them, They work most anywhere, different sizes, and for different weights.

Wow! so much clutter. hahahaha! but great job in organizing. I wanna stay there. hihihi

Wow! love the cabinet Alex full of ribbons.

WOW!  LOVE this Alex!!

Alex Turner said:


My lovely hubby converted this cabinet for my ribbon storage just before christmas, I love my new look cabinet and thought I would share with you :-)

Here is my new stamp/craft room, I am a very lucky girl with an amazing supportive partner, who helped me put all this together :-)

More details on my blog Pretty Papers & Inky Fingers

Awesome job and organization in your craft room, Alex.  Very nice!

WOW!  Love your space, Alex!  I go online sometimes and *Google* craft room spaces, so many people will post videos of their craft areas I love watching that a sickness?  LOL   Thanks for sharing your pictures, love it!

Beautiful craft room, Alex.  So nice having your own space!!!!

Wow!  I have just spent the morning looking at all 21 pages and have to thank you to all for posting your pics, great ideas!  So cool to see how you are all so creative even if you are crafting from a corner or a cupboard.  Lee hands down I LOVED seeing your messy room, that took true courage but lets be honest we have all been there ha ha!  Great organization on the after and Wow the view!  Hope people keep posting pictures here, I will do mine as soon as I am finished too!

Until fairly recently, I had my craft stuff all over the house..  It was a disaster!!! This past May, my family emptied a room being used for storage and gave it to me for my birthday.  Best gift ever!!!  I was so excited to move in that I forgot to take pictures of the room before (or of my piles of stuff all over the rest of the house for that matter), but here are the pics of my Craft Room now:

Well, I feel not quite as bad as I did before with my mess. And, my stuff is in every downstairs room of the house except the bathroom and bedroom. Oh, also the dining room. But in my utility room, kitchen and livng room I do have craft supplies. I have to craft at the kitchen table so it has to be removed often. I have the west end of the table and the east end of the table we eat. But if company comes, all my things are removed to their various storing places. And, Lee, no matter how messy your craft room would be, I would always love you!

I have a few photos of how it looks most of the time. I also have kitchen type cupboards that I have filled with various things for my crafting needs. And, I did not take a photo of some more storage chests. One in the kitchen and one in the living room. And, yes, half the time my drawers are left open. I am so ashamed! But it seems everytime I clean and organize I lose things. Go figure!


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