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I promised!!!  And I do have "before" and "after" photos to share!!!!  Are y'all REALLY sure???  I mean ***TRULY*** sure ready to see my "before" photos without throwing me to the sharks??????????  I bet I had the worst EVER in disorganized, cluttered stamp rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I'm embarrassed...............I need reassurance y'all will still LOVE ME!!!!!!

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EXCELLENT job!!! WHAT wonderful cleaning!!!!! YOU did an outstanding job!!! And it FEELS so good, doesn't it??? NOW the biggest trick is keeping it this way!!!!! I found that after I had spent HOURS cleaning and organizing that room...I have to KEEP cleaning and organizing...and at least once a month...rather than creating...I NEED to clean and organize again!!!! I also found that IF I actually put stuff away when I buy it instead of piling stays cleaner!!! GOOD job girl!!! I AM IMPRESSED!!!! (and also thrilled that someone else has SHHHHHTUFFFFFS like me!!! :-))))))
I love it! Your room is amazing and the transformation is wonderful. We will ALWAYS love you!
Yes Lee, we WILL always love you : ) You did a fabulous job organizing your room! I'm so jealous - I wish I had a crafting room!
Holy Cow, Lee, did you create all those gorgeous cards in that space???? You are my HERO! Heeheeheee.....take all that stuff on your {before} floor and put it on my work table and there you have MY work space! ( That might be a little exaggeration - still - I don't have the guts to post a photo of my 12X12 inch spot of creativity) Your after space is kick'n. When I get my "after" space, we will have a dining room back (ha), maybe invite some company over for dinner - actually have a spot to put food and people together without big plastic tubs of paper, stamps and ink stacked up against the walls. Now there's a concept!

Congratulations on your fantastic new space. Great job organizing - and I SEE PINK!!!
Your new room is AWESOME! If you are anything like me, it'll take FOREVER to find anything hehe
WOW! First of all oh my goodness. You have lots of GREAT stuff. Secondly you sure were a busy cleaner. The place looks FABULOUS!!! Words to live by: Clean As You Go! Easier said than done. :) Be Creative! WOW!!!!
OMGosh, Lee! Your new space is fabulous! You did such a fantastic job organizing! Wow! I was telling Linda and Jennie this weekend that my room was a disaster and they asked if I had seen your before pictures!! Mine isn't quite that bad, I guess, but unfortunately, it's not far behind! I have a little bit more of a path through the stuff, shall we say. You are my heroine! I need to do some serious cleaning, weeding and organizing! Thanks for sharing!
Wow Lee great job! I am in the process of doing the same after getting rid of a futon in the room. I now have a whole wall and a table that long so trying to figure how to get things organised so i can find them easy..... Going to take a little more time then i thought though,lol.
You should pat yourself on your back......are you sure you didn't just move to a new did a awesome job......I just redid my craft room.........and I love it......didn't buy anything, just used what I had........I hope you enjoy this for years to come......
Come on y'all..................where are your photos???? ;)
Yes, I fully intend to post photos...just need to take some tomorrow. It is not as clean as it was....ummm, I got a little stampy and haven't put away my goodies from the craft show.

Lee Murphy said:
Come on y'all..................where are your photos???? ;)
Holy smokes!! Did you get on one of those organization TV shows?! I am quite sure my room has never looked that good, nor will it ever because I couldn't organize it that beautifully! What a cozy looking room, too! I'll bet it is really great in there when the snow is flying outside!
Thanks for sharing your room with us! :-)

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