Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

I promised!!!  And I do have "before" and "after" photos to share!!!!  Are y'all REALLY sure???  I mean ***TRULY*** sure ready to see my "before" photos without throwing me to the sharks??????????  I bet I had the worst EVER in disorganized, cluttered stamp rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I'm embarrassed...............I need reassurance y'all will still LOVE ME!!!!!!

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Wood is nice b/c you can see all the images but they do take up a lot of space. The one flatter cardboard box is my storage for acrylic and cling on stamps. But I find I don't use them as often b/c I do not "see" them. We just painted in there last fall and I love the new colors. It was so sad in there b/4 with ugly grey paneling on two of the walls and brown woodwork. Now I really enjoy spending time in there. It's soothing colors.
ok you got me beat both ways
Your room looks great.My  basement is still a work in progress.Have fun!!!!
Ok Here's Mine!,First You have to see this stone I got as my Tablet, Then will back up and see my desk, then my stamp shelf! What'ch think! So Far, Oh and there is More... If You want to see this tiny 8x10 room! I'll post some more. You have to wait for them to Upload a little
Sooo cute!  I love that marble surface!!
Lee your stamp room looks great - no need to feel bad about the before pics - you should see mine!!!! I have a very narrow path and have to walk sideways (because I am not nearly so narrow....) to get to my desk and every part of what is the 'floor' in the rest of my craft room is piled about 2.5 to 3 feet high, with the piles on top of storage cabinets going as high as 5 or 6 feet high - one of these days I will get ambitious - well maybe because it would take me waaay more that a day or 2 to get it organized.....
OMG!!! Seriously Lee!!! That transformation is ABSOLUTELY worhty of the hoarders show!! WOW girlfriend...amazing that you cleaned and really just organized it!! YOU ARE MY HERO!!! come do my slice of the world!! For real..I'll cook,bake whatever it takes to getcha here!! Your kids came come too..plllleeeaase?! So proud of you!

Lee Murphy said:
NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the AFTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipppeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have to work on the rest of the house!!!! LOL

Karen...your room is absolutely amazing! That is what I have been trying to do is find someone that is remodeling so as I can have their cabinets! Great idea and looks sooooo completely professional!! good for you and enjoy!!

Karen Knegten said:
Alright ladies- I finished my space! Here are some before shots, but you can't really see what is all over the floor. I had a path!

Now, the completed space. We are very, very, lucky that our friends / neighbors decided to remodel their kitchen and we reaped this awesome benefit! I am now doing the happy dance for sure!!!

Colleen...amazing area! Great color on the walls too!! Sooo much storage..your room is probably the size of my whole house! Well..minus the garage!! Amazing..enjoy!

Colleen Schaan said:
Okay... so I'll share! I just finished my studio about 2 weeks ago. I'm blessed beyond belief and yes... even spoiled. It's a huge area and it's pretty cool! (Since this is my business, I needed a good space.)

I've got the whole "start to finish" process on my blog HERE... but here are a few of my favorite photos...

Oh my goodness!  Lee see what you started and now look how you inspired so many people to get their rooms in order.  Lee, you did a fabulous job!  I call my craft room when it is not organized my Crap Room.  When I clean it it is called my craft room.   I love all of the pictures that everyone is sharing.   I just hope everyone is able to find their stuff now, LOL.

Great Job!  Beautiful rooms and everyone should be so proud.  Wonderful and different ideas in organizing a room so everyone can benefit from others.  Thanks so much for sharing!!!! 

Awe Man!! You Guys Make me sick I am so Jelouse An your rooms are a million $$$$  And Here I was all, Happy for mine Hey I love my totes I got Hidden and you have to love the old Shovit under the Bed thing, I love those toters too!

You have to have a good sorting an Memory!


Tamara Pendleton said:

Awe Man!! You Guys Make me sick I am so Jelouse An your rooms are a million $$$$  And Here I was all, Happy for mine Hey I love my totes I got Hidden and you have to love the old Shovit under the Bed thing, I love those toters too!

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