Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

I promised!!!  And I do have "before" and "after" photos to share!!!!  Are y'all REALLY sure???  I mean ***TRULY*** sure ready to see my "before" photos without throwing me to the sharks??????????  I bet I had the worst EVER in disorganized, cluttered stamp rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I'm embarrassed...............I need reassurance y'all will still LOVE ME!!!!!!

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One more: This is in the utility/laundry room. The table was supposed to be a crafting area but instead my hubby took it over with his supplies. And, this particular week I was getting things ready for a rummage sale so that was the reason for all the boxes on top of it.


I want to say how lovely all of your crafting areas are and how neat they are. That makes me even more ashamed that I showed you mine. But cleaning is not on my priority list anymore. With my arthritis it is lucky I am able to just get the meals and laundry done some days. I do the dishes every day too. And I try to help out with some of the farming tasks.

We live in an old house so we don't have some of the modern things like a dishwasher. Just me. We have an upper floor in our home, but it is not heated or air conditioned so that is not a possibility. And, anyway, I can't go up and down stairs anymore. I am afraid one of these days I will be in a wheel chair like my Mom was and she advised me when she was alive to try and do as much as I could sitting down. It saves my feet which are deformed. Both my grandmother and my mom were the same way so it is a genetic thing I guess. 

And, that is my mess It is no wonder I named my blog VA's Creative Clutter. I think it should have been my Creative Mess. And, I envy all of you who have a craft room you can call your own. Part of my things are stored in the same room as the washing machine and dryer, freezer, mud room and hubby's office area. Then in several other rooms I have storage areas. My daughter says I have enough stamps and such to open my own store of used items. But then I accumulated a lot of things when doing designer work for various companies during the pre-blog era. Once a blog was required I decided to quit doing that and I am not sorry. Now I enjoy crafting again and don't miss the stress and demand to meet deadlines. I have a hard time cleaning it up. And, believe me, I sold off oodles of my wood stamps, but still have drawers and drawers filled with them yet. 

If I ever get a craft room for myself I will see if I can do a better job of organization. I have to run all over to find things now and some days I just don't have the energy to hunt up the supplies. It was our plan to build me a room for my crafting, but it never happened due to circumstances which came up that made that not an important thing anymore. I guess more than likely it won't happen as we are getting up there in age where we might not want to take on building or adding on anymore. 

At any rate, I hope my photos did not shock you too badly. But you asked for them and I delivered. LOL

Lee, I just noticed this sight.  And I thought my room was bad.  You surely have me beat there.  lol.  Actually I think I will take a copy of your before and put it up in my room for people so I can say "It could look like this!"  I have a sign on my door that says "don't move the clutter, I have a system.  I totally agree with several people who said you would not be able to find anything cause that is what happens to me after I straighten.  This is just too funny.  Thank you for brightening my evening.  I have to go look at the Friday Fun site so I can catch up.  Love You!!!!

I LOVE looking at everyone's crafty space, be it a bedroom a corner or a cubby!  LOVE them!  Messy or not....Wouldn't it be cool to take an actual tour of each other's person?  Whoa.....almost better than a Blog Hop!  lol

Here is mine, taken a few years ago and believe me it is quite messy now. It is a converted bedroom with cabinets that we got from a neighbor, when they remodeled their kitchen.  We paid to have them installed and provide a lot of storage. Since my health is improving, I hope to clean it up and re- organize this winter. I love this room!

Karen, such wonderful space.  I saw those photos yesterday and told my husband about the cabinets.  They look like my kitchen cabinets; what a wonderful treat for you neighbor to pass on to you.

Verna, I love that you showed is your photos.  An old farm house is wonderful and you are able to created beautiful things.

Lisa, I looked at your blog and saw the wonderful place your family gifted you.  I like how you appropriated furniture pieces to use in your craft room and didn't have to purchase all new.

I have a craft room.  My photos do not represent what it currently looks like, so maybe it is time to take a few more and then post.  I used to have my supplies in four rooms in our other house, then we moved her a couple of years ago and I received the smallest bedroom.  It is nice having my supplies all in one room, but they take up a lot of that room.  I love looking at how other people store the supplies and make it work whether in a closet, kitchen table, on their bed, under their bed, a large room or studio.  Thanks for sharing. 

I found this on FB and thought it was so funny, I printed it and hung it up here

Love this Karen!  Thank goodness for doors!!  : )

Karen Knegten said:

I found this on FB and thought it was so funny, I printed it and hung it up here

Love revisiting this thread!  I took over my son's bedroom..............I probably should have taken over my daughter's room.  Her room was much bigger.  : )   Hopefully this winter I will find time to organize and start creating again.  Life has been hectic this year.

So many winter projects, huh?

Totally!   :  )

Karen Knegten said:

So many winter projects, huh?

Lede, do I dare ask to see a photo of your room today?  Let's see, your earlier photos were sometime in July--It is now the end of October.  I know what would happen to my room in that short a time.  Yikes is what my husband says--CLOSE the door.

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