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I promised!!!  And I do have "before" and "after" photos to share!!!!  Are y'all REALLY sure???  I mean ***TRULY*** sure ready to see my "before" photos without throwing me to the sharks??????????  I bet I had the worst EVER in disorganized, cluttered stamp rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I'm embarrassed...............I need reassurance y'all will still LOVE ME!!!!!!

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Ahhhhh you KNOW we will!! Quit Stalling and show the goods! LOL
Ok, are the BEFORE!!! I warned you!!!!! There's one of me sitting at my stamp table, my daughter sitting at the other table by the closet and one of just shhhhhtufffffs! LOL

NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the AFTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipppeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have to work on the rest of the house!!!! LOL

Now you'll never be able to find anything!
WOW! Can I ever get to that much organization???? I'm trying!

Lee Murphy said:
NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the AFTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipppeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have to work on the rest of the house!!!! LOL

Big question! How much did you get rid of??? I can't imagine it all fitting!!!
Now Lee We all love you and always will, but that before photo is really really bad. You have done an excellent job with the after, how long do you think it will last? LOL LOL LOL
I did toss a lot of stuff and gave one big box to my niece and sis-in-law!!!

I think it will stay this way with just small bursts of craziness actually on my stamp table. I never had this much to use for organizing so most of my stuff didn't have a home to begin with! I did buy some colorful, cute containers at Wally. But most of the stuff I used we had around the house. A couple small, older dressers, various size containers used for other things, a cabinet in my daughter's room that she didn't need, etc. My hubby and FIL built the shelving in the closet. It really is my happy spot in my house now!!! =)
GREAT job Lee!!! It looks so NICE!!! I am jealous of your cute little log cabin stamp room!!! And, wow girl, you do have A LOT of stuff! :)
Wow Lee....I am impressed!!! Both with your before photos and your after is just AMAZING!!!! I can so relate :o) I do not have as big of a space so my mess wasn't on the size level of yours was a mess. I have pictures somewhere on my puter of the before and am almost finished with the straightening/organizing. Nothing like friends coming to "get your rear in gear!" :oP LOL! Will try to get some pics this weekend and post. Fun thread and can't wait to see others :o)

As to your space Lee, love the storage you have now. Such pretty bureaus and perfect cabinets :o) I am one to use what you have and only purchased one item that was big/pricey but got a great deal on that so it is all good, hee-hee. Do you feel you have extra mojo or is it taking some time. I know when I clean I lose it for a bit. I have to mess my table up a bit to get it back ;o) You are so good to have decorative pieces on top of furniture...for me any flat space has some crafting tool on it, lol! Lee, your room looks just marvelous (said like Billy Crystal?), really happy for you and thank you so much for sharing and OF COURSE we love you!!!
Iiiiiiiiiii Will Always Love Youuuuuuuuuuuu! Did you like my Whitney Houston voice! hahahahahahah!
Love both pics, the before, because hubby is always bugging me asking how I can work in a mess! Told
him Artists need their inspiration spread around them hehehehehehehe! The after pics because I would die
to have a room like this!!!! Great job. My max in keeping my room in order is about 3 days, then I have to clean
o.m.g.!!!! *hands Lee trophy for messiest floor* hahaha! I had/have a better pathway than you did! And the after pics are just sooo different! Can you find stuffs? LOL!!

Oh, and I DO have to say, I am suprised!! The walls are not PINK!! ;)

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