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Why does your stamps & ink look so good when you stamp on Gina's cardstock. My ink pads does not stamp as well yours. Why?

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What ink, stamps and cardstock are you using now? Just trying to figure out what you mean when you say that your inkpads don't stamp as well as what you see here.

Are your pads nicely inked?  Sometimes that makes a difference!

Card stocks and ink pads differ and if you want bright and vibrant coloration then I say using Gina's card stock and ink pads are the best. I also had good luck with Stampin' Up card stock but never used any of their inks at all as I don't own any.  Momento is good too, but then again one has to be sure whatever ink pad you are using that it is well inked. Perhaps  you need to add some more ink to your pad and then it will get better results.

Paula replied in another thread that she has all the same supplies (I am thinking that means Gina K supplies)

I thought I would bump this thread with my answer so we can continue the conversation.


Paula, I saw your thread yesterday and I was hoping you would reply so that we could give you some tips.  Are you a new stamper?  Stamping is definitely a thing you can practice.  A few tips I would give to new stampers would be:

1) load the stamp with ink by gently tapping over and over.  Then look at the stamp and see that it is completely covered with ink. Do not press down hard because then ink will get in the grooves of the stamp where you don't really want it.  

2) If you have trouble getting a good impression, stamp with your paper over a mousepad or piece of fun foam or something.  Sometimes this is all you need to get a stamp to stamp completely. Some people prefer to stamp standing up.  

I'm going to bump your other thread and maybe you'll get a bunch more replies.  Please let us know if these replies are helpful or if you are having other trouble. "

I also wanted to say that I don't think it is necessary to use your good cardstock when practicing. You can practice on copy paper or cheaper cardstock and then when you are ready work on your good Gina K stuff.  

Heidi, I like your answer to my question. I will try what you said. I do have Gina cardstock & most of her ink pads. Love her stuff. Thanks for getting back with me.

Thank you,


Hi Paula,

Gina K inks are the very best I have ever used.  To be honest at first I was concerned as they didn't feel juicy but I get great impressions every time.  (I have actually done a comparison to the memento luxe which I love too but Gina's came out on top!)  Great tips from Heidi but one other tip, especially if you are using clear stamps is to make sure you are holding the stamp down long enough to transfer the ink.  I find if you just hold your stamp a second or 2 longer it makes a huge difference.  HTH Good Luck

Ditto what everybody said. I think the most important thing in getting a good stamped image is to use good card stock. I can stamp the same image on more inferior card stock and on Gina's Pure Luxury, and the lines stamped on the inferior card tend to feather slightly and be less clear and crisp. Nothing can compare to Pure Luxury for a nice clean image.

Another thought on your images not coming out like you wish...Your block should match your image, meaning the size of both.  For instance, I was just stamping some things and kept using the same block and the stamp was too small for the block size I was using, so it didn't work well.  It didn't stamp as well as it would with the correct block size. 

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