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 I notice that in the "shop now" section, past stamp kits do not show up. Does this mean that after a time, stamp kits become unavailable?

Also, if a stamp set says out of stock- does this mean it will be available again in future?

Not sure just how things work here yet. TIA....


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If you want the kit, you need to purchase it when it is available.  They are available for about two months, most of the time.  Then you can purchase the stamp or stamps separately.  The patterned paper and cardstock pack is usually available.  You cannot purchase the brads, ribbons in a set, or the binder box.  You can watch the release videos and see what ribbon colors were included and purchase them separately.

On the out of stock question, I think it has to do with the manufacturing process being moved into a new facility.  They seem to come up as available again pretty shortly.  The clear stamps are ordered from a separately manufacturing facility, so they take longer.  You can always call customer service and they are very helpful.

Hang in there.  Things will start making sense to you.  :)

You are correct lovinpaper!  The Kits are available for 2 months and then when the new kit comes out everything is available individually from the previous kit but just not as a complete kit.  And our out of stock items do go on re-order, it just depends on the manufacturers for the length of time before we get items back in.

The lesson here is-

Strike while the it on is hot, or

He who hesitates is lost, or

Don't think too long about it, just buy it.

Got it!


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