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Hey Everyone,

If you got a spam message from Stacy or, she has been banned for spam.


As long as you don't give anyone you don't know you're personal information, your are protected from spammers here at StampTV.


Members of StampTV use the StampTV system to send you an email through our system, (so they send it to us and we pass it to you to protect your identity.)


They never actually get to see your email address unless you email them back.


So just continue to report any user name or email address of any spammers that send you a message and we will get rid of them.


Gina K.

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Thanks for the "heads up". It's too bad there are people out there who have nothing better to do.

We've really tightened the security so it's at least a lot less often we have to deal with spammers....but occasionally they do get thru.  But they actually NEVER have any of your personal info like Gina said.  They like to pretend they do so they can trick you into responding to them.

Good to know you guys have our back. Thanks!

Thanks for watching out for us. I sure appreciate it.

Good grief! Don't these people have anything better to do? Thanks for letting us know.

Looks like (thankfully) I'm too boring to spam. (I really am boring! We like it that way around here!)

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