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Does anyone else have problems on the shopping site.  I don't know how I managed to get an order placed it runs so slow.  Then I get a page saying page can't be found I click back and try again I have to do this for every thing I want to look at. 

Thanks for the 20% off sale wish everything wasn't out of stock 

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So sorry its giving you fits this AM!  Sometimes when Gina has a sale, the site will get slow like that.  And just now as I checked it was ok, not super slow or anything.  So thinking that that is what it is...again, we apologize! 

I didn't have any issues today when I was shopping.

I didn't have any issues either, and everything I wanted was in stock.

My sister didn't have issues either wonder if it is my web browser i believe i use chrome

I didn't have slowness issues...would just think it was OUR net if I did, as it's been bad lately.  

Am Sad though, cause the artist choice cardstock was out of stock AGAIN!  EVERY TIME I want to order something THAT is gone, so I can't try it darn it...was sure hoping this time it would be in stock, as it's my birthday month so wanted it so BAD!!   Guess I shouldn't be so poor, so I could order more often, and maybe catch it in stock.  LOL  Darn it anyway.  Ok...vent over.  LOL  I know if it's like all other Gina K stuff it's worth the wait...but that was the thing I wanted to try the most for some reason...almost made me not order anything this time, I was so disappointed.  NEED some better cardstock for colored pencils cause i have cheap pencils, and they need all the help they can get.

do you have any chain craft stores often they have coupons you could try to buy in the art department the Bristol paper or some other paper in that dept. good for pencils I have used the Bristol it is also great for ink blending Just a thought.

I have the bristol...but with my cheap pencil's it doesn't work all that well.  Just got some strathmore drawing paper, and think it will be better...but it's so THIN!  Was kinda hoping her's was thicker and would work good for my poor cheap pencils.  One of these days I'll invest in better ones, but it's a bit out of my price range right now.  Thanks for the idea though!  Least I can play with the thin stuff I have...till I manage to be able to order and her's is in stock...just can't pop the image up with that thin stuff...which is why I was hoping for hers if it's thicker. (although I realize I could layer it on other cardstock...but still.  LOL  Gina K cardstock is the thought maybe her pencil cardstock would be too!  :-))

Oh...and the chain stores are 1.5 to 2 hours from usually I order from amazon, unless I happen to be going to the city...but thankfully I did manage to order some in the last couple months, to try, till I can get the thicker stuff.

Mine is always like this when I am using Chrome.   I seem to get a better response with IE.  but sometimes it just hangs up for several minutes.  not sure why.    (even when there is not a sale - I don't think it is on their end but something on mine)

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