Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

Shop at and help support StampTV!  Click through the Amazon link on the main page whenever you shop at and a small portion of your purchase will help keep StampTV free! 

(There is never any extra charge to you for using this affiliate link. It's just a way that Amazon thanks us for promoting their site and it helps us pay the bills around here to keep our site free.)

Big hugs always,

Gina K.

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Well, good thing I shop Amazon quite often. 

I clicked on your Amazon link then added a bookmark to my toolbar. I now use that link to Amazon so I don't forget.

Thank you guys! XOXO

Good Idea. Love the Journey of the Heart Stamp kit and the slide puzzle card too,  this one falls under my less is more kind of card. Very simple but so beautiful.will be ordering this kit soon. Keep calm and Make cards!!!. Thanks for so many good ideas I've learned a lot of techniques with the videos.

Lots of hugs and good thoughts.

Now I understand!  Did that click and couldn't see Stamp TV or Gina K Designs when I searched the Bics

Always use your link!!!

This may be a silly question but does this happen (the support for the site) even when ordering other items than Gina K ?

Thank you! XO


Yes, it does. :)

You can purchase Gina K. Designs products through our regular website if you want. No problem there. But anything else you would purchase on Amazon, by clicking the link through to Amazon first helps StampTV. XO

I've been ordering through the  GK store but if ordering from amazon helps stamp tv then I will place more orders from them

Ordered from your Amazon store last week!

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