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Some of you may recall that our dear friend Sherian had mentioned a while back that her husband was in hospital.

Until now, she hasn't felt ready to let everyone know her husband Duke died in the VA hospital in Dallas on January 25th after a two year battle.

Knowing what all the wonderful members of this site are like, I was certain everyone would want to know so they could support Sherian in the way members of StampTV always do.

If anyone would like to send Sherian a card, or send messages of support, here's her address, which Sherian gave permission to be posted:


Sherian Dixon

800 Key West Rd

Reno Tx 75462

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Awww I'm so sorry to hear that!  Cheryl...thank you so much for posting this and I'll get a card out!

I'm so sorry for her loss!  Thanks for keeping us updated Cheryl.  You are such a good friend to her. 

Cheryl, thank you for letting us know. Certainly will respond. Bless her heart. 

So sorry for her loss.

So sad, thanks for letting us know Cheryl.

So very sorry for her loss, will be sending her a card, and prayers.

Thanks, mate!  I have one ready to go and will mail it out Monday.

In my prayers.  Card going out Monday for sure.

I'm so sorry to hear of her loss, sending lots of prayers, and a card. 

Bless you for letting us know. I am so sorry to hear of her loss. I will get a card out too.

I just wanted to thank you ladies (and Sean) and especially Cheryl for your concern and comforting thoughts. Stamp TV and all the wonderful people here have really helped me get through this difficult time.

Dear Cheryl, thanks for sharing and Sherian - thank you for allowing us to share our care and concern for you. I'm sorry for your loss, your pain, and dear hubby. It isn't much, but a card is sent tomorrow, as well as praying for you now <3 much love, Rosy

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