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Where does everyone purchase this?  I have been to my local JoAnn's and they all look at me like I am crazy....probably because I tell them I am not a sewer and want to use it for card making!  lol  Any online sources you could share?  Thanks so much!

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I just put "seam binding ribbon" into google and hundreds of sellers come up. Does Gina not sell it?

I checked her shop before posting and couldn't find it.  I know someone out there has a source they can share.  Thanks, Alex......I do *Google* on a daily basis!  :)

Donna, I got mine from

They have a wide variety of colours, the service is fast and very good and prices are acceptable. Honestly I don't know whether there's something cheaper around. Please consider that I can only choose sellers which ship abroad (I live in Italy), therefore my chose is somehow limited. The other thing I like about that website is they sell seam binding in ROLLS, I don't like to buy only a few metres (or yards!) of ribbon, I need a whole roll. I bought a white roll and then dye it the colour I want when I need it, it's very easy. If you want to know more, just yell!! ;-) Hope that was of help.

Thanks so much ladies!  I appreciate all your help.  Great info Vittoria, I think I will place an order form them, looks like they are in NY and I am in Massachusetts, won't take long to ship to me.  THANK YOU ALL!!!
thanks vittoria, looks alike a great site , I know what seam binding is and used for , but ribbon? Is the product you buy just ordinary seam binding used as ribbon or a different type all together? I did notice on the amazon site that it is listed as seam binding ribbon. First time I have heard of this product and ribbon as well.
You might try here..  They have lots of different kinds of ribbon...are reasonable and prompt deliverers!!! I've ordered quite a bit from them.

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