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Does anyone know where the "quick add" tab went?  Or is it being gone unique to my computer?  I miss it althought the ADD+ works just fine.

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It must be something on your computer as we didn't have a tab like that here Joan.  Probably a bookmarking button for your browser as I have something similar on my Mac.
Are you sure.  I thought it was part of the STV page.  It was a box under my name and it said quick add then gave you options like photo, friends, discussions.  I always uploaded my pictures from there. But truly it doesn't matter.  I just miss it.
Yes, Joan, I was wondering where it went too because now I don't know how to upload to my blog.  Guess I'll see if I have a chance to go there when I click on "add photo".
Hmmm....I never used it obviously! LOL  Ning did an upgrade and some changes, so I bet that's one of the features that got changed.
Seems like I usually loose some feature I like when they do an upgrade of any kind.  However, upgrades are a good thing....I just miss that particular feature.  No big deal, I'll get over it LOL

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