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Hello everyone,

Question who made this stamp by Gina K? Meaning who's by  please let who artistes is?

If I Had a Flower GKDD35

Thanks Linda Littlepage

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Linda, that stamp set was always listed in the Duo sets when it was for sale.  The few entries that are in the gallery tag Gina as the illustrator.  The current Duo stamp sets in the store are listed under Gina when looking at specific illustrators.  I would list anything posted with that stamp with Gina's name.  Does this help?

I am always interested in the behind the scenes world of stamp manufacturing. I know sometimes the illustrators are listed by name and sometimes they are licensed in some other way. I remember Gina mentioning a long time ago about purchasing illustrations for her stamps (at least some of them), but like I said, I would love to know more about how you find those people (and I am sure some people here have excellent illustration ideas and would be interested to know how to get in that game.)

Looks like something Melanie Muenchinger would create. She has done all the Year of Flowers stamps and this looks very similar. You might ask Melanie.

Hi Linda, 

 It is a stamp set duo like lovinpaper said, the name is "If I Had A Flower" it is by Gina.  Have a good day!   :)  <3 

Thanks  Ladies ... I made card with image I had in my stash for challenge and illustrations when I posted the card thanks Linda

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