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I recently purchase a Grand Calibur.  I am having trouble cutting with my nestabilities...I have to lay them opposite from what my Cuttlebug requires and I find it really difficult, as I cannot see where I'm cutting as well as the die slipping.  How do you remedy this situation?

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I keep a good supply of repositionable tape on hand and just tape the dies down.  If you have a magnetic mat, that also helps keep the dies in place.

Thank you for your information.  I did use the repositionable tape, but still found it odd to have to do that.  You'd think they would have made it a little easier...this is the only thing I don't like about it, otherwise it is a fabulous machine, especially for the size paper and options we can use with it!

Hugs to you,


I don't have the grand caliber but i have the trouvaille machine wich also has big plates and i had the same problems. I also use repositionable tape and instead of using the A plate first, i use the C plate first. So my sandwich looks like this: C plate, cardstock, die with repositionable tape, A plate. I hope this will help you.

That's a great idea!  Thanks!



I have found using the repositionable tape works for me too.  It does take a bit of practice, so don't give up.

I won't...I also was suggested to reverse the order of the plates.  Thanks for your support and response!



I just got a Grand Calibur and was thinking the same thing - why not just put the cutting plate on the bottom instead of the base plate? The rollers are metal, and I don't see how it can hurt anything. I don't like using re-positionable tape, so I may try this and see what happens. I do love the way it cuts and embosses. I have had the Big Shot for a long time and it is much easier with this machine. I will keep my Big Shot for other dies and the CB folders, too.
I have a question too. Can you cut and emboss with the tan embossing mat at the same time? The directions say to cut first then emboss with the tan mat. Have any of you done it together? I don't want mess up my tan mat. Thanks

The mat (to my understanding) is just for embossing. Once through cut, second time with mat to emboss.

Good to see you Tammy!!

Thanks Jenny!!! :0)

Hi all,

Hubby just surprised with a Brand New Grand Calibur, to go with the new craft area he's building for me, SCORE!!!.  I am new to this group but am loving it.  I have a few questions on this machine though.  What other dies from the other companies can be used with it??  And do I need that other red plate ??  He picked up 3 other plates from Cuttlebug along with a few spellbinder ones and some foil sheets.  I have only tried the spellbinder ones on card stock so far today.  Just had to try it, but need to get some other stuff done around  before I can mess with it more.  Darn House chores!    Anyway and advice will be greatly appreciated..............


Thanks in advance

Chris B.

Central TX

also wondering.  Have a big shot, and really not liking it, so my train of thought was to sell it. and replace it with the grand caliber.   Am I right in thinking that the space should be taken up by the new machine.  Have only embossing folders, plates and some dies, as was not spending more to use with something not too impressed with.   Thanks for any help.

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