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Good morning all-


I am so excited and blown away about a particuliar product that I just had to share and give a testimony about it.


My name is Kimberley Jackson-Brown and I live in New York City,  Unlike alot of you and the areas in which you live, there are HARDLY any craft/scrapbooking/card stores near me.  The nearest store to me is Michael's and although I am greatful, they are limited in the supplies that I can get from them - for examples, nestabilities, certain inks, and most of all GOOD QUALITY PAPER.


Now, this brings me to the reason for this post.  I make and sell handmade notcards and invitations.  What I have been running into is that when layering the invitation, the BASE CARDSTOCK is not strong enough, and therefore the invite and or card would fall forward.  I had been reading post about Gina's Pure Luxury cardstock and how great it was....and with that said, and with my hubby's twisting of my arm, I ordered Gina's PURE LUXURY CARDSTOCK goes...and please note....the captial letters is NOT yelling but JUMPING UP AND DOWN in pure delight!





If you ever need a spokesperson to speak about this paper, don't hesitate to call me!!! Lol!  I love the QUALITY, the FEEL, the look, and did I say the QUALITY????  AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!! OUTSTANDING paper!!!!


Thanks so VERY MUCH for putting out a product that is TOP OF THE LINE!!!


Sending you hugs from here in NYC,

Kimberley  :-)

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I know!!! It is the best in the BIZ!!!! I won't use anything else...have a cabinet full of other brands and find it quite flimsy comparatively speaking. Woo-hoo to GKD Luxury cardstock!! Thanks for sharing Kimberley :o)
I agree with you Kimberley, Gina's PL Cardstock is worlds apart from any retail store selection!
I totally agree. I have never run across cardstock as amazing as Gina K's. I also make and sell cards and the Pure Luxury cardstock is the best quality. I love it.
I have to agree too Kimberley, once you try GK PL CS you just don't want to use anything else, I live in Australia and at the moment I'm building up my collection, I can order three colours at a time in the flat rate envelope and GK ships it out to me it's fantastic. One day I hope to have every colour that she has. Nothing compares to Gina's.
I agree is the "BESTEST"!!!!
Love Gina's cardstock, for sure among my favorites!
I agree! The best around! Trying to pawn off all of my CS from other companies - the are collecting dust!
You got it right, Kimberly. Gina's Pure Luxury Card Stock is the absolute best card stock paper on the planet. It's all I'll ever use on my cards. Did you give that hubby of yours a big kiss for twisting your arm???
It just takes one pack for you to realize what you have been missing! Love it!
Oh the white and vanilla are soooo smooth and totally my FAVE for Copic coloring!!!!!
I am in total agreement with you Kimberley, it is the best paper I have ever used, and great to color on.
Wow Kimberly I rather think you like but agreed I order from GKD to australia and we have loads of other sites/ stores to choose from .. good quality CS makes good cards full stop..

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