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I ordered Memento dew drops in amazon I was very happy until I tried them. When I stamp I get white spots and some order areas with more ink. I also notice that after inking up the stamp I get like bubbles of ink on the stamp. 

I'm a beginner stamper but I will appreciate your comments and any help.


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Sounds like they were old. Can you take them back?

Barbara W said:

I just paid a lot of money for a lot of Momento Dew Drops (24) and am quite disappointed with them also.  I thought I would get a large assortment of colors and get stocked all at once.  I thought Momento was a very good name so I went all out.  Most of them are almost dry and I can't figure out how to remoisten them.  I've tried spritzing but that doesn't seem to do anything.  The lighter colors are the worst.  I haven't had a "bubbles" problem with them though.

Thank you all very much for your input/advise.  Evidently, it's not consistent that they are dry.  As far as the suggestions to return them, that will cost almost as much as buying new ones as they were ordered online and I have to pay for the shipping so that won't be worth it but at least I've learned this isn't always an issue with this company and from one of the replies I learned there is such a thing as a "reinker" and may try that if I can find it locally.  Thank you all again.

Well I tried all the tips that some ladies kindly posted but they didn't work. I still have problems to get a nice impression. What kind of ink would you suggest instead of Memento

My dew drops are probably a year old and haven 't had any issues but I twist them on the stamps. I'm trying to order new Gina K ink pad with each order but I really need a new black as my tuxedo black doesn't seem to be very "inky" anymore.  Did you contact the seller at Amazon?  Maybe they were old pads.  

What kind of stamps are you using the memento inks with?  My tips for the smaller inkpads is to turn your stamp upside down and use a light pressure to tap the ink pad all over the stamp. When you stamp, make sure to put a little pressure on all parts of the stamp.

Memento inks, as well as Distress inks do not like the cheap clear acrylic stamps (GinaK are NOT cheap ones, they are good photopolymer).  The black memento ink is great for copic coloring, but otherwise I don't like it because it isn't black enough for me.

I do love the memento markers for coloring on my rubber stamps, but I don't use them much with clear.

My go to ink is Versafine Onyx black.  It works fantastic!  I also am loving the Hero Arts Shadow inks and archival inks.

I have a variety of stamps. Cheap acrylic, photopolymer and rubber and it seems it doesn't work. I have some Archival inks and I have to agree, they are pretty

Rachel, I would contact the company that makes the memento inks and see if they can help you.  If they don't work at all with any type of stamp, I think you may have gotten a bum lot of ink pads.  I still don't think they are the best, but they should work in at least SOME instances!

I've never had a problem with them and that is pretty much all I have.  I also store mine upside down and pat them on the stamp rather than rubbing.

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with Memento inks - I have used them for years and not had any problem with them.  I wish I knew how to better advise you, I know how frustrating it can be to spend hard-earned money on craft supplies and have them disappoint.  Have you tried emailing the company that makes them directly?

No I won't return the because of the shipping. I think is the way it is, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose :-(

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