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Stampin Friends,

I wanted to let you all know that a friend of ours here on Stamp TV is in need of our support and prayers.  Nancy Mullins's brother went missing last Sunday afternoon after he didn't return home from a boating trip here in Bradenton, FL. The Coast guard has recently called off the search although her family is still hoping to continue through the weekend to recover his body.  Nancy and I went to High School together and actual rekindled our friendship here on Stamp TV.  I had the opportunity to see her today and with all things considered is holding up remarkably well.  They believe the only logical explanation is that he may have suffered a heart attack and fell off the boat.  Nothing indicates anything else could have happened. Such a sad, sad situation!

I thought since creative people are the nicest and most caring people on the planet...we might want to send her a message or maybe a card.

If you would like her personal mailing address please private message me.

Here is a link to one of the local news article if you would like to read it!

Thanks so much!


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My prayers go out to Nancy and her family.

I'm also praying for Nancy and her family.  How sad for them.   

So sad reading this.  My thoughts are with her and her family.

I'm so so sorry to read this!  Please let her know she's not alone and we're all sending lots of hugs and love!!!!!

I've been thinking about Nancy and her family a lot over the past several days.  It's a horrible situation, made even worse by not having any resolution.

This is so sad, I will pray for her and her family.

Such a tragedy.  Thoughts and prayers to Nancy and her family. 

Oh my goodness.....this is terrible news. Please keep us informed, we all love Nancy. Thanks for the prayer request.

My prayers go out to Nancy and her family.

Prayers are with Nancy and her family. I hope that they find some answers soon.

I am praying for strength, comfort, and peace for Nancy and her family

Dear  LORD, Please be with them all. Big hugs!

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