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Hi Friends,

Linda Littlepage asked me to share a bit about what is going on in her life.  She really would like your prayers and if you wish to send her a card, she would love the happy mail.  She did ask me to share here.

Her mother has cancer.  I understand she has been through chemo and more tests have been ran recently.  The results are more spots are being found on her liver and lungs.

Please ask me for the address and I will get it to you.  Just send me a friend request 

Thank you! 

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To Linda My prayers for your Mum and for you. Cancer is a tough pill to swallow.

I am so sorry you are having such a rough time.

Hi Linda, my prayers are with you and your Mom.  This is a very hard road to travel. I'm so sorry you and your Mom are having to go through this.


Our thoughts and prayers for your Mom, you and your family.

Hugs, Robin and J

Hello Robin and J.

Thanks for pretty card and prayers, And the friendship. I have not reason to smile or feel like smile I just about ready to give up hope for mom and dad and family. But, I can't do that either. But, I don't know much longer I can keep holding hope and faith. for mom and dad shake. There is a lot more going mom concerning cancer too. with others issues too. I wish we get some good news. We still trying to beailve in healing, But get hard and hard for me to do that!! Thanks Linda

Linda, I am so sorry to hear this! Cancer is a hard thing to go through, and it is hard on the family. My prayers are for you all! <3 Remember to take time to take care of yourself as well. (Hugs) sweetie! 

Prayers for Linda and her mother.

Hello Ladies...

I just wanted thanks I had nice send me wonderful card. I hope to fill you all in fews weeks. on mom doing! have great week everyone! Linda

Another card Lisa Thanks my friend. I love what you wrote in the card. We leave Tulsa in morning back Thursday! Mom will more tests done and chemo Please pray for us. Thanks Linda

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