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I heard from a very dear friend of mine today, that her 38 year old son has just been diagnosed with colon/rectal cancer. He is facing 6 weeks of chemo and radiation, before they can do the surgery, hoping to shrink the tumor- so he can avoid a permanent colostomy bag for the rest of his life. He has just recently gotten engaged. If you could offer up a prayer for Kevin, both his mom, Susie and I would be so grateful. Thank you so much!

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Thank you so much for all your prayers. Good news update from my friend, Susie:

Hello Family and Friends!
I probably won't be emailing as often...Kevin is HOME!! We got home about 4:45 PM yesterday and he is doing very well! We all had a good sound sleep last night! No nausea and no vomiting, so we can say for sure it was the compazine! The home nurse came today to teach me how to setup, maintain and give the solution for the PICC line. I don't think he's going to need it! When the surgeon saw him yesterday, his output (use your imagination...LOL) was 2400 cc and it should be below 1200cc. His 12 hr output today was 925cc. Don't have to give him the potassium today! The nurse will be back tomorrow and I think I'm going to talk to her about talking to the Dr. and discontinuing this part of her care...$$$$!!!! Family room looks a little different with an IV pole! We will still have a home nurse to check the stoma every couple of days, but Kevin is handling that quite well. Staples will be coming out next Thurs. and we will have more info on the reversal surgery and when he can expect to have that done. I do know that it is an outpatient procedure!

All in all, God has truly winked at Kevin and things are going well after the bump in the road this last week! Thanks for continuing to pray for Kevin, the journey is about 75% done (Kevin and I figured that was a good number).
Kevin update- requesting continued prayers, please.

Hello Family and Friends,
Yesterday Kevin and I saw the Oncologist...the plan was not what we expected and quite a blow, but we know it's for the best in the long run. Surgery left him cancer free, but 5 of 13 lymphnoids were positive, so he will be going through 6 months of aggressive chemo. This is to give him the best chance of it not recurring! His hopes of having the reversal surgery in July was the biggest let down for him, it can't be done until after he completes the 6 months of heart just broke for him and the look on his face said it all. He will be having a port put in his right arm the end of the month and every 2 weeks they will connect the chemo, it will be in a fanny pack for 2 days, then he'll go back and they will disconnect it until the next treatment in 2 weeks. So now he'll have 2 bags, 2 days a week, every 2 weeks to carry...he's just thrilled with that! ! It was very emotional here last night, but today is a new day and we know God has a plan and this is just part of it! He called at 6 AM to find out how I was doing and we both agreed it is what it is and we'll get through it with God's help! God has been so good to Kevin through this journey and we know He will continue to bless Kevin! For me it's just very hard to watch your son's body going through it all and hear the "possibilities of side affects! Time has gone quickly since Dec., when we first got the diagnosis and can only hope that time will fly from now until Dec. Christmas will be a wonderful celebration and for those who haven't heard Kevin say,"I asked for a pony for Christmas and got cancer instead"...he still isn't going to get a pony this Christmas, just a normal, cancer free life as a gift from God!

Thank you all for your love, support and prayers...continue to remember Kevin! Stay tuned on updates on part 2 of the journey!

Prayers and hugs going out to Kevin and Susie.
Thank you so much!

Jenny McGee said:
Prayers and hugs going out to Kevin and Susie.
Hi Karen,
They are in our prayers each and every day!
Thank you Susan!

Susan Bratcher said:
Hi Karen,
They are in our prayers each and every day!
Hello Family and Friends,

As promised here is the latest update. Last Monday the port that will deliver the chemo, was put in his chest, he was quite sore a few days. It goes in the chest and then a catheter is feed through a vain in his neck, but the plus side of it is that no more needles in the arm, blood tests will be taken through it. Tomorrow is his first session...5½ hrs...we will have our iPods with and we sure hope this won't be this long everytime!! He will take the chemo with him in a fanny pack for 2 days, Wed. he goes back in and it's disconnected, then he'll go back for the next treatment July 12th. This is the plan for 6 months...every other Mon. for 2 days, pray his white blood counts stay good.

Kevin and I went to a hospital financial counselor to plead for mercy with the bills...he got the acceptance letter yesterday and his balance is ZERO! And God just keeps winking! What a relieve. I know we'll have to go again as the treatments continue, but this is just awesome and a burden lifted for him!

Another tough one for me to experience! I know it's part of God's plan, but to watch your child being put through all of this just so breaks my heart! I only get through it with God's grace, love and peace.

Thanks for continued prayer and support!

I lost my dad to cancer over a month ago. My heart goes out to you, your friend, and Kevin in having to face such a frightening and ruthless disease. Please ask your friend to check out CarePages websites are free patient blogs that connect friends and family during a health challenge. My hope is that carepages will help you find the support and comfort that one needs in such a stressful time.
I'm very sorry to hear of your friend Susie and her son Kevin. I've lost several friends to cancer, and I understand how difficult this is for your friend. But God is good, and I pray for his healing hands & grace upon Kevin, and strength for Susie through this time.
I just heard from my friend Susie- with a "good news" Kevin update! Thank you to all of you that have included him in your prayers!
Dear Family and Friends, of Mon. November 29th...NO MORE CHEMO TREATMENTS!! Yep, Kevin is done, Wed. December 1st he was disconnected from the pump for the last time! In Kevin's words posted on facebook:

Again, thank you all for your prayers and support! It has meant so much to Kevin and our family. We know that the prayers on his behalf have been what has got him through the really tough times during the 12 chemo treatments. God is so GOOD! He never fails us! He has a CT scan scheduled for next Thurs. the 9th to see how everything is doing after the chemo treatments and we will see the Oncologist Mon. the 13th to get the go ahead to schedule the reversal surgery in Jan. I would say the journey is 75% "behind" him!" It's been a long year, yet it has gone by so quickly since his diagnosis Dec. 17, 2009. I am so proud of how Kevin has handled it all, he has remained positive, upbeat and giving his all at his job! He has many funny stories about the whole process! And they are FUNNY, some gross, but nevertheless FUNNY!!
Love to all,
That is fabulous news. Thank you for the update.

Thanks Melissa- Still need to pray for Kevin and his family. It's been a long long year for them.

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