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I heard from a very dear friend of mine today, that her 38 year old son has just been diagnosed with colon/rectal cancer. He is facing 6 weeks of chemo and radiation, before they can do the surgery, hoping to shrink the tumor- so he can avoid a permanent colostomy bag for the rest of his life. He has just recently gotten engaged. If you could offer up a prayer for Kevin, both his mom, Susie and I would be so grateful. Thank you so much!

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Oh Karen..........absolutely sending up prayers and some hugs along the way too!!!
Of course Karen - I'm happy to add Kevin and his mom to my prayer very frightening for them all. Kevin has a tough fight ahead of him, but with prayer all things are possible.
Karen, Prayers being said for Kevin and his family from Westerville, Ohio...
Karen, I will add Kevin and his family to my prayers.
Oh Karen,
Yes. I will will pray for that family. :(
Karen, sorry to hear about your friends son and I will absolutely will add them to my prayers!
Consider it done. Sure hope things go well for him.
Of Course! They are all in my prayers........My step daughter has this done (colostomy bag) when she was just 28, so please, everyone pray, no one should have to be faced with this.
I have added him, his mom and fiance to my list...what a terrible thing! But so thankful they found it and pray that it responds to treatment! Keep us updated :o)
Your thoughts and prayers are so sweet and very touching. I believe prayer can always help and that He hears all of them. Thank you all so much!
Consider it done, Karen! Please keep us posted.
Oh Karen..........I'm so sorry.........I will put them on my prayer list for sure....................

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