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Please pray for my 9 year old grandaughter Madie. 9/27/2010, She just got out of surgery in TX.  She has had VEPTAR rods in her back since 2 years old and numerous surgeries. 2 weeks ago the large rod that goes from her neck to the small of her back broke just above the attachment screws at the bottom.  She has been in severe pain since it broke and they removed the entire rod today!  Please pray for her safety and recovery and especially for her little body to avoid infection (she has suffered recurring infections after her last 3 surgeries).

Please scroll down to see my UPDATE entries: 1. Successful surgery, 2. UPDATE on day 1 post surgery...moved to regular floor, please keep praying.

UPDATE  Madie went home today 9/29/2010 about 55 hours post surgery!  I'm doing a happy dance...praising God!  She is hurting a lot, but she got up and walked to the dinner table with the family...didn't stay long....went back to bed shortly...but I'm totally amazed by this strong little girl.  My son gave permission to post his family blog if you'd like to see her.

UPDATE: 10/1/2010  My son just said Madi had a good day, she's doing better today cutting back on the meds more and moving a little less ginglerly.
I want to Thank each & every one of you who are praying!  THANK YOU ALL!!!! (I hope it will be ok with you to receive this THANK YOU to all of you who have responded in lieu of individual post for each person)  Thanks again!

UPDATE: 10/13/2010  Madi is doing very well. I just talked to her via the computer VIDEO link up just now! She is back in school and will have her staples removed this
next Monday...they are taking her to surgery to do it. The doctor was so
cautious about the aftermath infections she had after last surgery,
that he used staples this time (thinking that her little body is
allergic to the disolving stitches that were used last time.) And he
left the staples in a lot longer than usual, so she has to go to OR to remove
them.  But Praise infection so far!!!

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Oh Bless her heart! I will certainly pray for God to heal her and send a speedly recovery.
Of course Lagene...prayers going up for Madie and all those who love her! Hugs to you grandma...this is hard for you too!
I will most definitely pray for her and your family that all goes well and she will have a very speedy recovery!! Hugs, Geri
Of Course, Lagene. Susan and I are having a day of stamping today, so we'll definitely spend some time praying for little Madie too. God bless your family x

I am sending prayers and hugs to Madie, her doctors and her entire family as she goes through surgery today.

UPDATE Madi is resting and the surgeon said the surgery was very successful!

God really does work in mysterious ways!!!:
1) Madi was supposed to have this rod removed (this was to be in preperation for a huge surgery that should happen about 1 year after the rod is removed) on August 23 (which was the 1st day of school) The week before at the pre-op appointment, however the surgeon hadn't gotten all the information from the other surgeon that will be doing her Huge surgery, so he canceled the surgery! We all wondered WHY LORD? A sidebar: Madi told her daddy after that surgery was canceled "Daddy, I prayed that I could go to school on the first day of school, & she did.)
2) Then a week after she started school . . . the rod broke and we all wondered WHY LORD?
Sometimes we never know WHY...but sometimes God graciously gives us a glimpse of what he been doing behind the scene in His own time.
3) The surgeon's report to my son shows us a little of what intervention God has been doing in Madie's life just in the last 45 days! He said: if I had removed the rod when the first surgery was scheduled, I would have had to make an incision from the top of the rod at her neck all the way down her back to the bottom of the rod to remove it. But since it broke at the bottom just above the anchoring screws into her disk, I was able to remove it with just 2 small incisions & she won't have near as much tissue that has to heal and less chance of infection! (But we still need to pray for protection from infection!)
Praise God! He truly works in mysterious ways! And He doesn't always let us know why... and unfortunately we don't always trust God when bad things happen in our lives. . . but we still need to trust Him . . . because He sees the whole picture & He knows what we need to grow in Him. Romans 8:28 comes to my mind so often. "For the good"...may not be what we would like to happen, but "for the good" that will bring us closer to God & to trust Him more.
Sorry this is so long.....
Please continue to pray for God's mercy & healing for Madi.
Thank you so much! MeMa Lagene
Will keep her in my prayers and her family!! Sounds like she has been thru a lot in her short life.
Oh wow! That is a lot for a little girl to go through. She will definately be in my prayers.
Will be praying for Madie, and the family Lagene, Cast all your care upon Him, for he careth for you! love and hugs xxx
Keeping your whole family in thoughts and prayers, Lagene.
Lagene, keeping Madie and all of your family in my prayers.
Oh my goodness - poor thing! I will pray for her! I can't imagine how painful that must be!

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