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I was all set to make an order from your Duo Stamp and pattern paper sale until I found out the cost of shipping to Canada.  A $25  order was going to cost me more than $50 in shipping costs.  I very much want to support your business but those shipping costs are excessive.  Other companies can offer lower rates.  Can you investigate this issue and find a way to offer better shipping rates to your Canadian customers?  Some kind of deal where we would get free or greatly reduced shipping if we purchased a certain dollar amount would be ideal.  Unless these rates change, I can't afford to shop here anymore.    Suzyque

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Hi is Gina's policy right now to charge the shipping required up front and then refund the actual difference after the order ships.  It usually saves a good amount that way.  Send an e-mail to: and they can give you more info about how it works.  Thanks!

A 25.00 order would only cost 19.95 shipping to Canada

International Shipping Prices

$1.00- $49.99= $23.95, 19.95 in Canada

$50.00- $99.99= $45.95

$100.00 and over= $65.95

I have placed orders of up to 99.95, pay the 45.95 shipping and last order got refunded 20.00.  Gina really does her best to help her customers out, the price quotes are USPS not Gina's, and they do their best to pack orders in the best way to save us money.

I find $19.95 shipping to Canada (as a minimum) to be excessive, as well, since several other US companies can offer lower rates, even free, if the order is over a certain dollar amount. If they can do it, I don't understand why Gina K Designs can't. I know you are charging us what you are being charged, and I appreciate the refunds, but it's still excessive...
I love your company and I continue to hope that Gina will pursue other shipping options.

HI everyone,

We only charge the actual shipping cost. We refund $100's of dollars everyday to our international customers. 

The reason the rates are the way they are is because of the items we ship internationally. If we only shipped stamps, our shipping rates would be WAY lower up front.

For example, we can get 6 stamp sets in a flat rate envelope to Canada for $19.95. We can get one stamp set to Canada for WAY cheaper than that!

But if someone buys 4 packs of Card Stock to Canada, it can cost up to $40.00 to ship due to the weight. We decided to price shipping so it is both fair to the customer and fair to our company. By promising to refund all money NOT used, we feel that is fair to the customer and by charging actual shipping, it will allow us to continue to service customers overseas.

On Thursday, we refunded over $400.00 to international customers for unused shipping dollars.

You can email customer service to get a closer total so you know what your refund would be depending on the products you are ordering prior to placing your order.

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