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Hi friends. My 80 year old Mom was recently diagnosed with Cancer. She went through radiation treatment and tomorrow she starts her first round of chemo. She has a positive attitude even though she's in constant pain. Her attitude and hopefullness is a beautiful thing to see. She has a strong desire to live and get well and as a woman of faith, accepts God's will. She says she will do her part and will let God do His.

My prayer is that she be healed, I also accept God's will. If his will is to call her to him, so be it; but I pray she doesn't suffer. May He be by her side as she fights this Cancer. May He be by my family's side and keep us strong throughout this ordeal. Please pray with us. Thanks.

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Many prayers for your mom and your family. God will see you through this.

Your mother and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Hi Sylvia! Thank-you so much for being open and sharing your strife with all of us stamping gals. I'm so glad you did because this is a very caring group of gals!! I will pray for your strength and your dear Mom and please never give up!! There is always hope!!! You are in my thoughts now as everyone else here. Please do let us know your Mom's name? And if we can send cards to both of you?? If there ever was a time to put out card making talents to work, now is IT!!! Please stay in touch with us as we are all now wanting to help ! Hugs and love from Veronica in Canada !!!

My prayers are with you and family

I am so sorry to read this, prayers going up for her and you God bless

So sorry to hear this Sylvia.  You, your mother and family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Prayers for you and your family during this time.

I am so sorry Sylvia.  Will keep your mom and you in my thoughts and prayers.

Hello. My name is MJOwens. I am new to stamp TV. I saw your post and I will pray for you and your mom! Wishing you and her the best.

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