Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

The DT's photos of their creations are always so professional! They all look like studio photos! How do you do it?

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Riette, I use a program called PhotoScape, it is free and I love it. I first download all my pictures using Kodak Program and then use Photo Scape. It took me few weeks to learn how to use it, but once you get it, it is super easy!!


Here is the link:


I know you can find other progrmas, but I think this is the easiest I found.


Hope this helps.


Yes, A photo editing progam is a must if you want the clear, clean, crisp, bright photos!   I at first thought I had to have an expensive camera, but it really comes down to be able to edit your photo.   I like Gio's suggestion of the free one.  I've looked at it and it seems user friendly!   I use an older version of a program called Paint Shop Pro, Ver. 7.0.  It was made by Photoshop, which is a very popular program, and expensive!  But I got this one off of Ebay years ago for cheapo, lol!   We have a topic that I am going to try to find about taking photos....I will be back with that link!

Ok, found it finally!  LOL!  In this topic, Erika has a link to her blog where she shows and discusses taking pictures, which even if you dont have any of the stuff she has, its still very informative!   Erika used to be on our DT also.  Here is the link:


Photographing your work


Hope this helps some Riette!  Never hesitate to ask though if you have any further questions!

I use Paint Shop Pro too cat. I love it. I've been using it since 2006. I have slowly upgraded. I was at 9 until last year. Now I have the latest version and it is SO nice. I bought mine off ebay too...LOL
Thank you so much ladies!!!  I remember using PSP years ago for work and it was quite tricky until you get a hang of the basics. I guess by now it must be super sophisticated!

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