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I fairly new to stamping & card making.  I'm using a Fiskars paper cutter, but it seems to leave ragged edges.  Any suggestions as to cutters or how to get rid of the ragged edges?

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The thicker the paper, the more your edges will be ragged.  I finally bought a new paper cutter this past weekend, in anticipation of Ginas thicker cardstock..  But for my Fiskars, I would keep a sanding block nearby, and sand the edges smooth.  The Tim Holtz one did a good job..  Your other option is to replace your blades more frequently.

With the heavier cardstock, replacing the blades frequently is a must.  When it is getting ragged, it is time.

I have heard the fiskars blades that say titanium on them last longer.  The blade will dull quicker with thick cardstock and watercolor paper.  The blades aren't that expensive, you can even use a coupon at a craft store.  

 I was going through to many blades. I bought a small guillotine and loved it, so I also bough the tonic through " our amazon store" here on this sight. At the top where it shows gallery, my page … ect.. there is a button that says Our Amazon Store. Click that and it takes you to amazon. I just checked and the are out of the large 12x12 tonic guillotine, but the have a 6 1/2 by 11 and 3/4  I love mine. they are self sharpening, and I have never had a rough edge… This is just my preference… Hope it helps. Have a great day.  :)

Thank you all for your input!

I use the titanium blades and it really helps.  They cost a little more but last longer.

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