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I just saw an interesting poll at Splitcoaststampers. The poll was whether or not nudity should be allowed in the gallery. (I supposed you can buy stamps of nude people or body parts, not sure.) Anyway, I voted no.

A few people disagreed with me. But since this is MY gallery, (LOL) I will just quickly state this:

You can upload any paper craft project you wish to our gallery, however, if the image is of a person and any body parts are exposed that would not be acceptable to expose on a public beach where children are playing, then it will be removed from the gallery. ( I know that there are nude beaches but I'm not talking about those. You know what I mean.) :)

Cute Bellas in swimsuits are great! Nothing naughty please. We do have children who love to stamp and use our gallery for inspiration and to learn about cardmaking. Let's let them learn that other stuff from their Moms and Dads! ;)

I welcome your comments here.

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I am glad that you are taking this stand on this issue. I agree with it all the way.
Good for you Gina!
I agree too Gina, thanks for speaking out xx
I totally agree with your opinion of nudity in the gallery.  I'm not a  prude either,  but I ran across this on another site and I will not visit it anymore.  Glad you're making a stand.  Hip,Hip, Hooray for you.!!
I agree with you Gina!

Amen Gina, there is enough garbage out there, at least we can have something pure from the heart when we create for others without have it perverted. Thank you for your stand. I for one would NOT ever go nor be associated with any web site that would allow nudity. So thankful for your stand. And like you said it is YOUR gallery.

Barbara Newton

Concord, NC

Thank you Gina!  I agree with you whole heartly!
Good for you Gina! Well said.
I absolutely agree with Gina!
I agree with you about the nudity. We don't need it displayed here, there is enough of that stuff on tv.
Thanks for taking this stand, Gina. I am not opposed to artful nudity but porn is becomming too commonplace. What is art to one person might be porn to another.   There is so much children, and adults too, are exposed to on TV and everywhere we go, people are becoming immune to it. I appreciate a place I know I won't be surprised.
Gina, I wholeheartedly agree with you!  Thank you!

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