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I just saw an interesting poll at Splitcoaststampers. The poll was whether or not nudity should be allowed in the gallery. (I supposed you can buy stamps of nude people or body parts, not sure.) Anyway, I voted no.

A few people disagreed with me. But since this is MY gallery, (LOL) I will just quickly state this:

You can upload any paper craft project you wish to our gallery, however, if the image is of a person and any body parts are exposed that would not be acceptable to expose on a public beach where children are playing, then it will be removed from the gallery. ( I know that there are nude beaches but I'm not talking about those. You know what I mean.) :)

Cute Bellas in swimsuits are great! Nothing naughty please. We do have children who love to stamp and use our gallery for inspiration and to learn about cardmaking. Let's let them learn that other stuff from their Moms and Dads! ;)

I welcome your comments here.

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I would agree.
Yeah Gina for taking a stand. I saw the gallery you are referring to. While I'm no prude and I love to look at renaissance art, which has lots of "exposed parts", but I don't think it has a place in public galleries, especially where greeting cards are concerned. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I'd rather not behold I applaud your integrity.
Thank you for your support Gina. I really appreciate it. I did contact somebody pretty high up on the SCS food chain last night and their stance is that there is a difference between nudity and porn. They're a business and are owned by a conglomerate now but you have to put your foot down somewhere and stand for the right thing. I'm sure they'll be kicking me off any day now for making such a fuss over this after their position was explained to me.

As much as I love SCS and have really grown to love the gals over there too, I won't go back until this policy is changed.
I totally agree!!!!! Thank you for addressing this.
I agree with you 100% Gina. Thanks for thanking this stand.
Good Girl Gina! Why anyone would want to put nudity on a craft site is beyond me. I know, I know the great artists painted nudes. They neither add anything, nor are a necessity to this wonderful site you have created, so stick to your guns . The old addage, There is a time and place for everything, is applicable! 100% behind you, Gina!
Thank you Gina! I echo exactly what Lynn said. I am not a prude but my stamps and stamping are not x-rated nor do I want to look at it on the public stamp forums that I choose to visit. So, Thank you for having the integrity that I value, which does not surprise me, I applaud you.
Stand up and cheer for Gina! I'm with you all the way on your decision! Carol
I completely agree with you, Gina, and I'm so thankful you are taking the stand on this.
I totally agree.
Thank you Gina. This has become my favorite stamping website. I am so glad to know that you are setting these boundaries.
This is supposed to be a fun hobby -- not classic art! If you have to cringe before you go into a gallery, it's not fun anymore. I'm with you!!!

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